Hey There Pretty Brown Eyes

Just read and enjoy. =)


1. Meeting Liam

*Kate's POV*

I tapped my foot impatiently as I waited in line. My best friend/sister Kayla and I were waiting in line to get our Paradise albums signed by Cody Simpson. Finaly the girls in front of us finished up and Kayla and I approached the table, only for me to find out that Kayla didn't bring me to see Cody. She brought me to see One Direction. I mean don't get me wrong. The boys are amazing but I'm just not the biggest fan of their music. So therefore I pouted. Liam noticed this and asked me:



"Why the long face love?" He took my small hands in his large ones and looked up into my hazel eyes.


"My sister Kayla told me we were coming to see Cody Simpson. But you guys are here. I mean I like you guys as people. I'm just not the biggest fan of your music." I let out..


"I get it. So who do I make this out to?" Liam grabbed a 'Take Me Home' album from the box by his feet.

"Kate Middleton." I smiled proudly as I told him my name.

"Oh Kate Middleton? Say where is your charming husband Prince William?" Liam joked as he wrote.

Liam took ages to finish up the album he was signing for me.

"You done yet?" I giggled and peered over at him and the album in his hands.

"Yup." Liam added his signature and handed me the album. I took it graciously and joined Kayla at the Meet N Greet exit.

On my way home I took out the album and read the super ong message Liam had wrote to me.

Liam's Message:

Dear Kate,

You seem like a really nice girl. Your blonde hair and shining brown eyes accentuate your already beautiful face. I absolutely loved meeting you and talking to you. You are just such a super cute angel. Just perfect in every way. Here's my number darling. Text me whenever you feel like it. =)

Love, Liam Xx


Below his signature, Liam had put his number in distinct font. I saved his number and texted him almost immediatley.


Kate: He Li-li! It's Kate(=

Liam: Hey angel. Are you alright?

Kate: I'm fantastic. The message you wrote me was super adorable. I luved it! (=

Liam: Thanks. Well I'm glad you liked it darling.

Kate: Want to hang out sometime? Like maybe catch a cinema or go eat or something?

Liam: Sure. I'll have to ask Paul but I'm sure he'll let me go with you.

Kate: Kay. When do you want to go?

Liam: Maybe this Friday? I'll pick you up. What's your adress babe?

Kate: 440 east Levinger road.

Liam: Okay. Wear something pretty. ;)

Kate: Kk. G2G! Text you tomorrow(:

Liam: Ok. Ttyl princess. Xx


I locked up my Nokia Lumia and put it in my back. Then I spilled to Kayla. She almost fipped out.

"You HAVE to look gorgeous for him!" Kayla turned the car around and headed in the direction of our ocal mall. I let Kayla pick out my entire outfit. I genuiny did want to impress Liam.



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