Never Knew It.

Hold On to what you get. You may lose it.


2. Fun Or Crazy?

  Lanas Pov

Just a little fun can get me and Skylar to open up. Soon enough were joking around in a coffee shop when LLWY comes on. Sky and I start singing when the boys start looking at eachother laughing. " Your just jealous were awesome singers" Sky Blurts with sass. "Uhm theres a small thing you dont know.." My stomach tightens.  I nod thinking its a bad thing. "Were the ones singing this." Liam reveals making us brighten. "No Way!!" Skylar Yells. They nod as i smile. Zayn and Louis Race out making me Tilt my head. "They forgot about a party there missing, You can come if you like!" Niall announces making a warm tingle run though me from his Irish accent. Skylar looks at me then Harry frowning, " Im grounded...Which mean i have to go. See you soon!!" Harry, Liam and Niall hug her then come back to look at me hoping i can go. Laughing at there hopefull faces staring at me i nod.

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