At The Arcade

The day Johanna went to Canada to meet her aunt for the summer. it will be the summer she will never forget. Finding the guy of her dreams in the most random and fun way ever.


4. The Mall?

Today was the day my aunt would let me meet Justin's grandparents. Causing me to be so excited I woke early to myself ready, having my hair fresh, and having myself look like a fresh new car lol. It took me a while to find out what to wear, ugh if aunty told me that she lived near them before I would have packed something better than what I have.

Aunty: "Johanna im going to have to change the time, we're going to meet Justin's grandparents in the afternoon.' my aunt says walking around in the hallway.

Johanna: "Awww I wanted to meet then now pleasssseeee" please say no please say no please I still need more time for my outfit.

Aunty: "Sorry can't sweety I have to get some stuff  done and don't forget I have to show you mom that store in downtown."

Johanna : "Oh ok then, I'll just have more time to get ready." Thank youuuuuuuu

Aunty: " Ok that's good to hear that your ok with it then."

Soooooo now since I have more time I can actually go shop for myself with the birthday money she gave me. Great, I just hope I can find the right stores.


So this is downtown, hmm its pretty awesome I must say. I love the stores and the resturants there too.

We went to a mall where I can go to buy some clothes that would be perfect to present myself to Justin's family. while walking around the store to search and browse around I felt as if someone was watching me. At first I was like ok why worry im in a public place nothing would happen here, there's people around me I'm totally safe. But then the person started to watch me for like 20 minutes straight like who the heck would go and watch a 18 year old girl. then it hit me I'M 18 SHIT!! I think I'm going to get kidnapped. Oh why me?!

I ended up walking faster.... then suddenly someone grabs a hold of my arm.



Drew: "Chill girl its just me, ha u should have seen your face."

Why did he scare me so randomly, gosh he caused me to have a mini heart attack. I'm looking straight into this boys eyes trying to give him a mental message of WHYED YOU GOTTA SCARE ME. Then finally realizing he's been talking the whole time.

Drew: "Johanna you should have seen your face the whole time I've been watching you, but I must say I'm impressed that you have senses for yourself cause this is the first time I scared someone and they knew what was slightly going on. I should have recorded you cause how u were going on and on about who was watching you seemed as if it was part of a mo-"

Johanna: "Drew really?! Why did you have to do that I was about to start running out of the store and when I get really scared and start running my asthma starts and its not good thing especially since I don't even have my inhaler. Geez do you know what you already cause n yes my asthma is still starting and its gonna get worse very soon thanks a lot." ('-.-)>

Drew: "You have asthma? Johanna I'm very sorry I didn't mean for this to get this bad, if I knew this would happen I wouldn't have done this prank."

Johanna: "Yah yah, I understand I would have done that same prank to my best friend also n I bet the same thing would have happened since she has asthma too. Look Drew I have to go I'm looking for some important things to buy."

Drew: What do you mean by "important things"?

Johanna: "Well my Aunt knows Justin's grandma and grandpa and imam go visit them later; so now I'm losing time; so drew please just let me go."

Drew: "No."

Johanna: "Why now, why wont you let me go find clothes to make a cute outfit to wear to visit JUSTIN BIEBER'S GRANDPAERNTS?

Drew: Well for one thing I've always heard they never actually care about how fancy someone looks"

Johanna: "And how would you know that?"

Drew: " Because---------- I---- I-I-I-I ended up watching a interview with my sister who is crazy about that kid just like you?'

Johanna: "Ok----- well its not like I was gonna try to look rich or anything I just wanted to look good that's all."

Drew: "Well fine I'll leave you to it, see yah shawty."

Ugh what did this boy do to me this time, he didn't do a bet but I knew he did something to me to not let myself watch him walk pass by. "Wait Drew.... just let me buy a skirt and a pair of flats and we can go I already know what I should buy now since I just saw them right over there."

I can see the smirk he had on the side of his face reflecting the mirror beside him as his back was facing me. He turned around doing eye contact with me turning he smirk to a grin causing me to laugh at him. So playing along with him I laughed and turn around and started walking towards the skirts and the pair of flats. He ran to catch up to me.

Drew; "Well that's good that your following what I said."

Johanna: "Haha very funny."

We ended up walking together talking and saying jokes, we stopped buy some store and looked around. It was pretty fun till something strange happened. Drew started to have his eyes more bright open and keeping a look out for some reason.

Johanna: "Drew are you ok, you look worried about something."

It took him a second to answer but I knew he heard me.

Drew: "Yah---- everything is ok why?"

Johanna: "You look cautious about something, you just keep on looking around everywhere. you don't seem ok at all.'

Drew: "You can see that on my face? I didn't know but its nothing I'm ok its comple-"

All of sudden I see him wondering his brown eyes everywhere again. Is something going on that is scaring him because he's starting to scare me now and this is the second time he has today.

Johanna: Drew are you trying to scare me again. Cause this time I'm not gonna forgive you if you are."

He started to look all scared like something was coming right at him.

Drew: "Look Johanna I have to go" he started to start running which then I started to run after him "no don't follow me go the opposite way please I have to go call me tonight."

I stopped when he told me to not run after him.

Johanna: Why?

Drew: "Just do it please."

I ended up nodding to him and started running the other way. All of a sudden I see a strange man start running after Drew once he saw me. Luckily there was a opening to another hallway of stores leading up to stairs which on the side had a bathroom. The man started to run after me and I could hear Drew yelling from the top of his lungs "Nooo leave her!!" when the guy started to catch up to me. For some reason the guy was happy to hear Drew's voice he turned around and ran towards the direction he was at. What's going on? Why was there a stranger running after me and a Drew? Drew sounds like he knows this guy but I have no idea how does he know this strange man, I just met this guy yesterday and conveniently he was at the store where I was, not that I was mad seeing him again, I'm glad to see him he's so cute and funny. But still why was there a guy running after us?




















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