At The Arcade

The day Johanna went to Canada to meet her aunt for the summer. it will be the summer she will never forget. Finding the guy of her dreams in the most random and fun way ever.


5. The Bieber Family Visit

Sadly today was suppose to be the day of meeting Justin Bieber's grandparents. But it ended up being the day I see Drew again scaring me and being run after by some creepy stranger. But why does he want me to call him later on to night? Yea I know I have his number and all but why was he all mysterious today?

Mom: "Why are you so silent? What's on your

Mom: "Well ok then."

Johanna: "Aunty when are we going to meet Justin's grandparents?"

Aunty: "We're going right now, did you buy the clothes you wanted?"

Johanna: "Ok but first can we stop by at the apartment so I can change."

Aunty: " Don't worry we will."

Now I remember the highlight of my day was suppose to be, I can't wait to see them but also now i'm just really worried about Drew. What happened to him? Is he ok, did that strange guy catch him? Augh why did this have to happen today, you know what why did this happen technically. Later on to night when I call him I'm going to ask him so much questions.






So now I'm back at my aunts apartment building, I ran first into the building going straight up to the stairs. Wow there are so much stairs I just couldn't stand it, but I want to get to the door as fast as I could. When I finally got to the door I forgot my aunt has the keys (-.-) I pretty much ran up here for nothing, having me waiting a while longer for them to get to apartment door as well. Once the doors open I went to the room I stayed in.

"Hmmmmmmm should I wear my peach color earrings or my purple?"

(Justin Bieber song One Love ringtone plays) "Who could this be"

Karla: "Hola como estas!?" (hey how are you!?)

Johanna: " Bien! hahahaha y tu?" (Good! hahahaha and you?)

Karla: "Awesome and I still wish you went to Cuba with me there are some much parties everywhere here like you have no idea."

Johanna: "Lol well that's good to hear that your having so much fun, here in Canada is kinda weird."

Karla: "What do you mean by weird?"

Johanna: " Well you remember when I told you about my new friend Drew?

Karla: "You never told me about a boy name Drew. Is he cute and sexy how does he look, is he nice, is he cool, is he sexy?"

Johanna: "Oh sorry I thought I told you the other day, I must have forgot haha and yea he's sexy and nice and stuff plus you said sexy twice."

Karla: "Well duh if we're talking about a boy you know we have to ask first if he's sexy or not. That's like the most important question haha."

Johanna: "Yeah true."

Karla: "Tellllll Meeeeeee!! Tell me about him he sounds very interesting."

Johanna: " Trust me he's very interesting today I saw him at the mall and he scared me out of no where I though someone was going to kidnap me."

Karla: "Hahaha he sounds fun just from that I like him already!"

Johanna: " I didn't even tell you the weirdest part, after I brought the clothes I needed, me and him walked around the mall talking and stuff it was fun though. But then Drew all of a sudden started acting cautious, he just kept looking everywhere as if he was afraid of something."

Karla: "Yea your right that is pretty weird."

Johanna: " I'm not even done with the story, all of a sudden some random creepy guy starts running after us, the guy was running after Drew mostly but since the guy was closer to me he turned and started darting to me too. Drew randomly called for the guy to leave me alone and the guy turned around to go to back to Drew."

Karla: " Does he know the guy?"

Johanna: " I have no idea at all. All I know is that Drew has something to do with this guy."

Karla: " Johanna if I was u  would stay away from Drew."

Johanna: " I don't think he's bad but all I know that he's very mysterious to me now."

Karla: " Fine but keep your eyes wide when your with that guy k"

Johanna: " Yea I know and I can't wait to see Justin Bieber's grandparents aahh!"

Karla: "What happened geez how do I hear about this now, what do you mean your going to meet them?"

Johanna: "It's a long story, but I promise to tell you later on. Sorry but I got to go cause imma meet them really soon I have to get ready fast?"

Karla: "kk I totally agree, and tell Justin's grandparents I said hi!"

Johanna: "kk I will ttyl."

(Hang up)

Ok I have my outfit and everything now its time to get ready.


___________________________2 hours later_________________________________________


So my aunt and I went out to go visit them. Finally we go to the door step  I see a floor mat saying "Bieber Family" written in nice smooth cursive wow the mat was pretty, I felt bad for standing on it.


Johanna: "Wait why do they live in a apartment I thought they live in a house?'

Aunty: "They still own the house and they still live there time to time its just that they want to live some where smaller like a apartment so that's why they mostly live here now."

Johanna: "Oh that makes sense now."


"Nock Nock"


Justin's Grandpa: " Barbra! Its wonderful to see you again. And hello to you again are you her niece?"

Johanna:" Yes I am haha and hello to you to, meeting you is a honor."

Justin's Grandpa: " Yes yes it is, please both of you come in"

While we walked in the house is so peaceful and with a pure vibe that I just can't help but smile. All of a sudden a elderly woman very nice and sweet approached to us from the kitchen.

Justin's Grandma: " Barbra!! I'm so happy to see you!"

Aunty: "Kathy how are you, and I'm happy to see you too?"

Johanna: " Hi!" :)


Well this is how it went we spent time sitting down having lemonade to drink while talking about ourselves. George is hilarious with his jokes while Kathy told me some cool places that are here in Canada. They asked about me and how my views of how I see Justin and I asked about them back and also how in their view they see Justin.


Justin's Grandma: "Well he should have been here today but he had to do some work so hes staying in a hotel for right now. I hope he can come to meet you soon your so sweet."

Johanna: "Justin's here, like here in Canada?"

Justin Grandma:  "Yes he is, he sent us a text message that he's coming tio visit us but then he had some late things to do but he's going to finish them fast, isn't that right George-"

Justin's Grandpa: "Yea he's actually here in Canada right now for a visit to hang around with the family, soon we're all planning for a family reunion."

Johanna: "Wow I bet that would be really wonderful. hahahaha"

Justin's Grandpa: "Yes indeed."

Aunty: "Well it's getting pretty late plus we have to go to the restaurant in downtown after this with your mom and your brothers."

Justin's Grandma: "Oh your sister is here to and Johanna's brothers to oh how swell."

Aunty:" Yea but with her little brothers at the apartment is really loud. Since we're going to a restaurant would you and George like to come?"

George: " We're ok, plus to night is pizza night and I get to make my famous pizza pie hahahaha."

Justin's Grandma: "Yea today is pizza night and we love our pizza but I hope we can make plans to meet the rest of your family Johanna."

Johanna: " Thank you."


We said our good byes and went right back to our apartment, my mom asked us how it went and we said it was good and that I might be able to meet Justin soon. My mom was happy and also a little in shock that I would be able to meet Justin soon. I was happy then we went to a Italian restaurant. The food was good. But then I saw him again when I left the bathroom but he was still acting strange. 


Johanna: "Drew?"


But he never answered. Like really why would we be friends if you just all of a sudden ignore me. \(-.-)/

So now I must go right to his face. While I walked to him he started to look a little different. Ugh no wonder it wasn't even him it was someone else that just resembled him. I must be thinking of him to much I just need to take this person out of my mind.

Once we left we went back to the apartment. I watched T.V. for a while then got ready to go to bed. I know Drew told me to call him. I'm kind of afraid to call him, I bet he already knows that imma ask him so many questions about what happened today but what happens if he had his lies ready for the questions. I'm starring straight at my smartphone wondering should I call him or just go and play some games on my cell instead. He asked me to call him and I told him I will. Fine. so I go on my contacts and surprisingly he puts his name first out of all my contacts as "Amazing Drew". Such a silly and mysterious boy. I pressed his number and heard that annoying connecting ringing sound.

Drew: "Hey"

Johanna: "Hey"

Drew: " I thought you were never going to call me for what happened today, I was actually looking at my cell waiting for you to answer but I fell asleep but then you woke me up."

Johanna: "Hmmmm."

Drew: " Are you mad at me?"

Johanna: : " No."

Drew: " Ok I;m happy to hear that your not mad at me, don't be please I never wanted this happen at all."

Johanna: " Drew."

Drew: " Yah."

Johanna: " What just happened today?"

Drew: " A---- today-- um---"



So what do you think about this chapter? What's going to happen next, please Favorite and Like if u like my fanfiction, if you do please tell me why and also tell me your predictions about what Drew might say to Johanna. I know what will happen but you don't, it's the suspense that matters the most of this chapter. Thank all for the people who has Favorite and Liked my fanfiction and thank you to the people in the future. Please tell me also tell me your favorite part and like I said this is my first Fanfiction I always said that I will make it better than the last chapter. Thank you! Ttyl till the next chapter! :) <3




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