At The Arcade

The day Johanna went to Canada to meet her aunt for the summer. it will be the summer she will never forget. Finding the guy of her dreams in the most random and fun way ever.


2. Canada

Ding Ding!! "Hello everyone this is your flight attendant speaking the our pilot has told me to tell you all that we will be landing to Canada in about 20 minutes, please sit down, get ready, and thank you once again for attending Canada Air."

The view of Canada is so cool, just keep on wondering what things are around here is there a huge waterpark, or even a mall. Ive heard about a underground city and my aunt promised to take me there I can't wait. Just like that the plane was landing, it was fun because my brother started to scream from the bumps the plane was doing which got him scared, it was really funny I just had to laugh oh well.

When we got out of the plan and got our bags my aunt was waiting for me and my family at the carpool. She looked the same as usual with her same style as always but she always had a new hair style. This time she had her hair long and jet black, it looks really good for her I must say.

"Hey! I miss you all, how long haven't I seen you guys for like a year, wow you all grown. Johanna you matured so much and still look so young from this, lucky haha.

"Nice to see you to Aunty, how ar-"

"Aunty look what I got, its a new lego car!" say my little brother jumping around all hyper as usual.

"Wow Michael that's so cool can I have it?'

"No Aunty you can't it's mine not yours." he says while holding his toy tight to make sure he doesn't lose it.

"oh well ok then Michael I wont take from you, well any who lets get out of here and get the everything in the car."

While we were packing everything I had to go to the bathroom. when I went I saw a huge crowed running right past me? ok so random crowed running the opposite way. yah imam run back to car I can hold it.

When we got to my aunts apartment I stepped out to get my things, everything was seemed normal but the new thing was that my aunt never told me she lived where Justin Bieber used to live.

"Whaaaat I cant believe you never told me this before! why didn't you tell me this before, your living next to Justin Bieber technically." I say with so much confusion.

"I wanted it to be a surprise silly! SURPRISE!!" she replies to me while laughing.

-.- really?

"Well lets say make a deal, we're all going out to dinner then after we will go to this arcade, its pretty cool it has all the games that you like; then tomorrow morning we can go to meet his grandma and grandpa. I talk to his grandma a lot but I have also met him as well once. he's such a sweet by." :)

So I ended up agreeing with her deal. We all went to dinner and at some really good food. When I say good I mean it was as if it was chefs that were secretly angels from heaven lol. Then we arrive to the arcade, like wow it was big im not talking about those simple little arcades im talking about the most I don't know what to say but huge version. I ended up running to the car racing section it was awesome then there was one that I love that was based on my favorite movie Fast N The Furious! in this one I got to race the mystery opponent besides me.

JOJO411!<3  -vs.-  Drew!_94

Ok so I knew from that second I'll end up racing a boy so I had to step up my game. I'm always tired of guys telling me that us girls cant drive so in this racing my license plate say NO MERCY, lol I wanted to show Drew!_94 that this is my game n I will not lose.

It was tied to 12-12 yup we played this game for so long. all of a sudden I hear the boy bang on the plastic wall that was dividing us, I was annoyed by it that I went over to him and told him to stop.

"Dude can you please stop bang its annoying on my side!"

When I saw the boy he was so cute, he had the most softest face and his eyes were so clear and brown. He had shinny black hair that was gelled perfectly. I couldn't believe I was racing this boy but he looked so familiar, but from where?

"Sorry that was the only way I can get you to come over here, I'm pretty lazy to get up so I decided to bother u till u came to me."

"I see so what do you want then, because for one thing we're tied and I just wanna win.'

"Me too, so since your so pretty and all how about we put this to a bet. if I win we hang out, I would love to know more about you."

He was flirting I can see it in his eyes but I really like how he said it because I too wanted to be friends with him as well.

"Ok so what happens if I win?"

"If you when I'll hang out with you so you can know me more better." he says it in a teasing way.

"Technically neither way your still gonna win that's not actually my winning side."

"OOOOPs I pressed play if I was you I would get to your car!!"


"Ugh" causing me to run to my side hearing him chuckle of himself causing me to run.

This was the last race as if it was the Championship. After the race we were neck to ugh. Oh gosh I wish he hit a tree so I could have won  \(-.-)/

He came to my side with a smile from ear to ear, oh wow he's so cute. "ok I give up ur to good for me at this game all I want is to hang out with you so bad right now."

"Fine we'll hang out.'

So we walked around talking and talking and it was pretty cool. we had a lot I n common even our favorite type of cars an music. who is this boy and where did he come from cause I feel like there something he didn't tell me.

"So tell me Drew, how old are you?"

" I'm 19, how about you?"


"That's cool."

We ended up talking for so long and at the point my aunt told me that we had to go. he gave me his phone number and I already told him I'll be here in Canada for the rest of the summer, leading up to him telling me to call him if I ever wanted to hang out and see more of a Canada from the views of a pure Canadian. Haha he so funny, we said our good byes and promised in the future to have another race.

When we hugged I felt as if I collapsed in his arms, I felt safe being there with him even though I just met the boy. I wish that didn't have to let go.



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