At The Arcade

The day Johanna went to Canada to meet her aunt for the summer. it will be the summer she will never forget. Finding the guy of her dreams in the most random and fun way ever.


1. Airport

 To day was the day to go all the way to Canada from florida. Ugh its gonna be a long flight, I cant believe I have to wake up at 4 in the morning for this.

"Johanna go get ready quick we have to get to the airplane before 6:30!" screams my mom from the top of her lungs.

I didn't reply she already caused a head ache to rise to my head, I don't believe today will be a good day. Slouching and dragging myself to the bathroom I can feel the cold floor under my feet freezing and tingling every second. Feeling the cold water rinsing the minty soap gel off my face was so refreshing. did everything else I had to do then got with my favorite purple towel rapped around my body dragging myself once again to my room.

'Hmmmmm what should I wear, I love this skirt but I don't some perv trying to look under me while im going up the escalators, ooooooh I know I should wear my red top with my white jeans n gray boots also to top it off is with my blue cream white jacket." Yup this seemed good enough to wear.

While I was packing the rest of my things my best friend calls me, "hey hey its the Karla queen of Cuba! just wanted to say have a safe flight when you get to Canada, and how are you?"

"Totally good, I cant believe your staying there for the whole summer and imam be all the way in Canada for the whole summer as well, OMG we're separated! the agony!! Tear Tear hahahaha"

"I know right, but its so much fun here plus so much cute guys here aaahh. If you saw all the guys here you would have stayed in your room wondering if your in heaven."

"Haha I wish plus I have no idea how the guys in Canada look like I hope they are cute, wait lol what am I saying Justin Bieber is from Canada I hope there's more guys like him there.

"True that!"

My mom just randomly walked into the room with out me even knowing that she was right behind me yanking the phone from me. "Karla I know its you and Johanna has to go she cant talk at the phone right now shes packin."

"KK I gotta go anyways I hope you have a safe trip too bye mom and tell Johanna I said bye to her too!!"

I can hear Karla saying that from the top of her lungs at my mom to bother her a little. me n Karla has been best friends since middle school ever since we ened up calling each others parents mom and dad too and they call us both of their daughters lol.

"Are you done packing yet because we're leaving now."

"Yah im pretty much done all I have to do is to go get my makeup purse."






When we got all our thing and arrived at the airport I just wanted to be in front of the line and ended u running with my stuff to get on the plane.

"Hello Welcome to Canada Air, we will be taking off shortly so please just buckle up and relax." say the flight attendant

So I ened up doing what she said, I laid back on my chair put those little air conditioners one that was above me and listen to some music. I love the song "One Love" by Justin Bieber the song is so sweet n the beat is so soothing to me it always relaxes me or even put a me to sleep having me dream of some awesome dreams.

"Um ma'am can you please stop singing everyone can hear you." says the flight attendant

Having me opening my eyes with shock of seeing all the passengers looking straight at me for singing. Seeing my idiot brother recording me and my embarrassment to be on save on his ipod. Oh why?!

"I'm so sorry it won't happen again.' I say to the lady, causing me to stand up to show myself to the passnegers for my announcement," Everyone I am very sorry I will not do that again promise, promise." slumping back to my seat realizing the idiotic thing that I have done. Oh gosh why did I do that? Ughhhhhhhhhh.

(whispering to myself) When I get to Canada I hope to find the love of my life, please, please let me find the love of my life so I can be happy with him.




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