Dance With Me Baby!

One Direction. A group of dancers. A big problem. Lexi ,and Liam. Paige , and Harry. Dominic , and Niall. Zeya , and Zayn. Louis , and Eleanor.


2. can it curly and watch your back.

    Pagie`s P.O.V

                                                My eyes lit up like a bunch of candles! One Direction was 8in front of my dance class.

      I always loved them so much.

                                             "HI!! IM LOUIS!!!!" Loui shouted. A boy came up to me and told me that i had somthing stuck in my

      teeth. "Well you can it curly'. I snaped back at him. He told me a was a diva and than he walked away. Curs him. I ust hope me and him did not to a dance together he ia rude and phoyco. He looked at me and i did an evil smirk. Watch your back Mr. Harry Edward Styles! You do not know what is going to hit you.



Hoipeyou liked it love you

      , Kass

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