Dance With Me Baby!

One Direction. A group of dancers. A big problem. Lexi ,and Liam. Paige , and Harry. Dominic , and Niall. Zeya , and Zayn. Louis , and Eleanor.


1. Bring It On

Lexi`s P.O.V.


"Get in your dance" Miss . Justice Yelled. I ran to my spot than I herd my phone ring, I ran to the back room and answered it. "Hello." I said." Bring it on" A rude sounding girl said in a nasty tone and then she hung up. "Lexi!" Our teacher Hollered." We have five famous boys coming to dance with us in the next few years." We all saw five Boys walk in they were so famous that they are to famous.

It was who I thought  it was....... One Direction.









sorry for it being short >_< but was it good?

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