Once Upon A Love

Bree Thompson was just your regular nerdy girl in school who only had one friend since kindergarten. Her life was just like any other school, sports, and the occasional sleepover but one day she meets Tyler and her whole world turns upside down.


1. Prolouge


Everyone says they all believe in love at first sight but I was never one of those girls who believed in that until I saw him. Those eyes blue as the sky on a clear morning sparkling and full of life. That was the moment I finally believed in love at first sight, I was a believer then at that moment I knew he was the one for me. But why would a guy like that ever go for a girl like me. A girl that sits in the front of the class and has basically no friends except for one that been with her since she can remember. Why would a guy that has all the friends in the world and girls crawling at his feet, why would a bad boy like him ever go for a nerdy girl like me. Little did I know that that was all about to change and my whole world would go upside down. 

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