It's complicated Altair's story~*

Altair has been lonely for thousands of years. Malik.. he loved malik so much, and never admitted it him. Will Altair find new love? find out in it's conplicated!
Altair n others basically from assasins creed games
and Xavier cheshire cat-chan OC i got permission to use him in story


1. The begining

It was a cold, snow filled day. Altair was shoveling snow from the drive way, trying to ignore Ezio who was ice skating.with no shirt on. Ezio's hair was in a pony tail held together with a blood red ribbon. As Ezio skated the pony tail bounced from side to side. Altair was trying not to stare as he shoveled away the snow underneath his feet. Ezio glanced at Altair. " Why are you staring at me for, is there something on my face? " Ezio in a way was glaring at Altair. " Oh no, I was just watching you skate that's all, I sort of thought it was amazing how you were skating. " Altair admitted with a shy glance at the snowy ground at his feet. Ezio was blushing ever so lightly, his gaze drifted off to Connor who was running through the forest. Connor had his cloak on blending in with the snow.
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