It's complicated Altair's story~*

Altair has been lonely for thousands of years. Malik.. he loved malik so much, and never admitted it him. Will Altair find new love? find out in it's conplicated!
Altair n others basically from assasins creed games
and Xavier cheshire cat-chan OC i got permission to use him in story


2. the begining continued

" Must stay silent to catch my prey, hm. " Connor whispered to himself as he pulled and arrow to the tip of his ear. In what only seemed a second Connor released the arrow, and it quickly slid past his middle finger. As if it were magic the arrow flew through the trees, and hit a snow shoe rabbit. Connor jogged over and took out his hunting knife. He slit the rabbit's fur, and Connor skinned it. Ezio shuddered a bit feeling slightly uncomfortable. He skated a bit doing Axels and 180°s. Desmond slowly got on the ice gripping on to Xavier. " I...I can't do this Xavier I'm terrible at skating! " Desmond yelped scaredly. " Don't worry love, I promise I wont let you fall on your sweet ass. " Xavier replied in a way that sounded kidding but caring. Desmond rolled his eyes and laughed in a way. " Just make sure you don't fall on yours. " Desmond giggled out. Ezio ignored the ignorant boys as he noticed Altair sitting on a rock starring at his reflection in a frozen pond. " Altair what is wrong me amico? " Ezio questioned caringly. " I just miss Malik " Altair replied trying not to start crying. Ezio could tell the pain of loosing Malik was tearing poor Altair apart. " It was my fault Malik got killed damn it, I loved him so much Ezio I really did; And now because of me he's six feet under! " Altair was now screaming and crying, while gripping onto Ezio. Ezio blinked, then slowly hugged Altair. " I know how you feel Altair Ibn Al-had. " Ezio said as he patted Altair's back. Altair nodded politely as he wiped his tears away. " May you find a companion very soon Altair, and may it be someone who reminds you of Malik. " Ezio said silently
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