A Summer To Remember

Serena and Liam have been friends forever. They only see each other in the summer beacause they live in different states during the rest of the year. This summer is special because Liam decides to bring 4 of his friends with him to spend the summer with Serena. Serena begins to fall for one of the boys but will Liam allow it? I guess your just gonna have to read it and find out.


5. shhhhhhh


                                    ~SERENA'S POV~

We finished our dinner and headed back to the house. The boys went to their house and Kenzie and i went to mine. it was a really beautiful warm night so i got a really good idea.

"Wanna go for a swim?" i asked giving her an evil grin.

"someones got a plan. do tell," she winked.

"go change into your bathing suit. i'll tell you when you get back."

She grabbed her bathing suit out of her suitcase and went into the bathroom to change while i changed into mine. When we were both done she walked back in. We both put a pair of shorts and a shirt over our bathing suits so the boys wouldn't see.

"Sooo what's this plan of yours?" she asked with an evil grin on her face.

"remember when we had that huge water fight with the hoses last summer?"

"yeeaaaahhh? why?"

"you'll see hehehe," i replied, "follow me!"

We walked outside and got the hoses. I climbed up the tree next to the balcony and onto the balcony taking the hose with me. Kenzie went to get the while i held her hose. They all walked outside and Kenzie ran near the tree. 

"Kenzie now!" she yelled.

I threw her the hose and we began to soak the boys in water. After about 10 minutes we stopped and Kenzie and I are laughing so hard. that's when i noticed that Harry is missing. I see some of the boys go after Kenzie when i hear a noise on the stairs. I know it's Harry. I hook the hose to my shorts and quickly climb onto the tree. I climb down the tree and i think i got away until someone grabs me from behind. 

"did you really think that if you keep using that spot to hide that i would never notice?"


"Let me go Liam!" i yelled pushing him off of me. 

I sprinted to the water. when i got there i took off the shorts and shirt and ran in. Kenzie ran in right after me. 

"Ha we win hehehe," i said with a smile.

"nope. we'll just go get some sleeping bags and a tent and sleep out here you have to come out at some point," Zayn said.

"have fun with that. i love the water i could stay in here forever and Serena practically lives in the water sooooo yep," Kenzie said.

"good luck," Louis winked.

they all went inside to go get stuff to sleep outside. i quietly started swimming to the shore with Kenzie right by my side. When we got to the shore, we grabbed our clothes and sprinted to the house. we were almost there when Louis and Harry step out from behind the bushes.

"Crap," i said.

"we figured you were gonna do that so we hid here until you did," Louis said with a smile.

we slowly backed up and they started to run after us. Harry grabbed Kenzie and picked her up bridal still running down to the water. I kept running down the beach. i made it to one of the abandoned house before Louis caught me. He grabbed me by the waist and we both fell over. Him on top of me. I couldn't stop laughing and neither could he. 

It was really dark and the only way we could see each other was because of the moonlight. We finally stopped laughing and Louis was staring at me. He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. i felt butterflies in my stomach. Wait, do i like Louis?

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