A Summer To Remember

Serena and Liam have been friends forever. They only see each other in the summer beacause they live in different states during the rest of the year. This summer is special because Liam decides to bring 4 of his friends with him to spend the summer with Serena. Serena begins to fall for one of the boys but will Liam allow it? I guess your just gonna have to read it and find out.


7. secrets kept and secrets told

I woke up still wrapped in Harry's arms. i crawled out of his grasp trying not to wake him up but i was really bad at it and he ended up waking up.

"morning beautiful," he said in his sexy morning voice.

i looked over and saw his bare chest and his shirt on the floor. he must have taken it off at some point during the night. he has really nice abs! 

"hey hot stuff," i said with a smirk.

"oh you like this? I bet you would like it if I wasn't wearing anything," he winked.

i know what he's hinting at and i'm not going to do that. i'm not doing him knowing i'll get my heart broken because it's happened one too many times. he's just a guy i barely know and after this summer i'll probably never see again. Although, i have to admit he's really sweet and cute. but all that must go to his head causing him to be such a player. I shook my head and put on my shoes.

"where do you think you're going?" he asked wrapping his arms around my waist.

"i have to get back to Serena's room before her mom realizes i stayed over here last night.

"oh come on babe, just a little while longer?" he asked kissing my neck.

"no i have to go and i'm not your babe," i said trying to get him to stop.

"one more kiss then?" he begged giving me the puppy dog face.


i kissed him and we began to make out. i wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me closer to him. he put his hands just above my bum and i could tell he was afraid to put them on my bum so i took my hand and pushed them down. he squeezed and i jumped a little and he laughed through the kiss. we began to add tongue and it got really intense. he layed down on the bed and pulled me down with him. i stopped the kiss and ripped off my top and unbuckled his pants. i resumed kissing him again when he reached for the button on my pants. i slapped his hand away and sat up on him. i unbuttoned my pants and stood up on the floor. he sat up and watched me as I slowly and sexily pull off my pants. he went to grab me again but i put my finger on his chest and pushed him down on the bed. we began to make out again and he rolled over so he was on top of me. he began to kiss all the way down my neck. i took my hands and i slowly pulled down his underwear but not too much just enough so it would make him antsy. he reached behind my back and tried to remove my bra. i flipped over on top of him and reached behind my back. i let out a little laugh before getting off the bed and putting my clothes back on. he gave me a confused look.

"that's all for today Harry," i smirked.

"oh come on. you can't do this to me. now i'm really horny!" he complained.

"you'll get over it," i smirked before walking on to the balcony.

i climbed down the tree and walked over to Serena's tree and climbed it. i walked into her bedroom to a nervous Serena pacing back and forth.

"there you are! i was beginning to get nervous," she said, "do you need the morning after pill?"

"no don't worry. Harry and i didn't do it," i replied.

"alright. now come on hurry up and change so we can go wake the boys and eat breakfast. i'm hungry!!!!" she exclaimed.

"of course you are! you're always hungry!"

"i'm gonna go and wake up the boys so we can eat," she replied.

"ok have fun," i giggled.


i climbed down the tree and walked through the guest house back door. Liam was already up.

"Hey Li. i'm gonna wake the boys up so we can eat. i'm hungry!," i said giving him a hug.

"good luck with that," he laughed.

Harry walked into the room and sat down at the kitchen counter. Liam must have told him my mom had food ready because he ran out the back door with Liam following behind. i walked up the stairs to the long hallway of rooms. I walked in the first door which led to Niall's room.he was still sleeping so i put on his snap back and laid down next to him on the bed. i hit him with a pillow to wake him up. he groaned but when he saw it was me he smiled.

"you look really cute in my hat you know that?" he said tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

i smiled back.we lied for a couple minutes.

"we can't tell Liam what happened last night. he'll get really mad and then we won't be able to see each other," i sadly said.

"you're right. he's not going to find out. don't worry. so what did you come to tell me?"he sadly asked.

"breakfast is ready," i replied.

"yay! food! he said jumping up and running out of the room.

"bye to you to Niall," i called after him.

man that boy really does love food.

i walked into the next room which was Zayn's room. he was awake but walking around in just a towel...awkward.

"oops but good you're up. my mom made breakfast," i said turning around and facing the door

"what's wrong? am i too much for you?" he replied laughing.

"definitely. see you at breakfast. bye Zayn," i laughed back before walking out of the room.

i shut the door and rolled my eyes. hopefully the other boys will be fully dressed. I walked into the next room which was Louis'. he was still asleep. I sat on the edge of the bed and shook him.

"Louis. Lou-is! wake up breakfast is ready."

"nooo let me sleep," he groaned pulling the covers over his head.

i rolled my eyes.

"there's carrots."

he poked one eye out from the blanket as if not sure if he should move.

"i think Harry said something about eating them all."

Louis jumped out of bed and ran over to put on a shirt. damn that boy has some really nice abs! before he ran out the door he turned to me.

"i'm sorry about the other night," he said.

"Lou there's nothing to be sorry about," i replied.

"yes there is. i made it really awkward between us and i know Liam would have been pissed if he found out that anything like that happened," he replied walking towards me.

"Lou it's not like you kissed me. it's ok. Liam has no reason to be mad."

"but what if i did? then he'd hate me and be really mad at you. i wouldn't want to come in between you unless either you or him said it's ok," he said now in front of me. 

he tucked a strand of hair behind my hair. i began to get butterflies in my stomach. i couldn't control myself anymore. i nodded and stood up on my tippy toes. he wrapped his hands around my waist and i wrapped my arms around his neck. we kissed and i swear i saw fireworks. i ran my hands through his hair. i heard the door shut and Louis and i separated. i looked up and saw Zayn standing in front of the door smirking.

"i'm sure Liam would just love to hear about this," he laughed evilly.

"please Zayn. you can't tell him."

"alright fine i won't. under one condition. you make it up to me and Louis has to be fine with it and can't tell or do anything about it."

"no. i'm not letting you treat her like all those other girls Zayn. it's not right what you do to them," Louis stepped in front of me.

"i'm not talking about that Lou. I'm talking about this girl i like. i saw her at nando's last night. she looked like she was on a date with her boyfriend but i'm not sure and I saw Serena talk to her. i need Serena to talk to her for me and if she does have a boyfriend get him to break up with her."

"fine, i'll do it. Lou go to breakfast. we'll meet you there. Zayn and i need to talk about the girl and make a plan and stuff we'll be at breakfast in a minute. and please don't tell anyone about this," i said.

"alright. i'm just glad it's not what i thought it was," he said before leaving the room.

i waited for the door to close before i turned back to Zayn.

"I was never talking to anyone but you guys at nandos. Who is she?" I say.

"Wow. was my lie really that believable or are you 2 too stupid to realize it," he said walking closer to me. i backed into the wall.

"i'm gonna make you hurt so bad. you're gonna scream my name so loud the entire world will hear you," he smirked. 

he put one hand one my bum pulling me closer to him and the other next to my face but he slowly dragged it down to my boob. he squeezed my bum and pulled me even closer to him so it felt like his dick was already inside me.

"i'll find a place and give you the address later and if you don't show and do what i want. i'll make you hurt but not in the way i plan to," he pulled a knife out of his back pocket and put it against my throat, still holding me against him. he leaned closer to my ear and whispered,"i don't care if you're Liam's best friend or not. i will fuck you anytime i please or i will kill you and Liam will never find out. if you tell anyone i will kill then too. i don't care about any of them."

he pushed me against the wall, put the knife back into his pocket and walked out of the room.i couldn't tell anyone. he meant what he said. i am going to loose my virginity tonight and there is nothing i can do to stop it.

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