A Summer To Remember

Serena and Liam have been friends forever. They only see each other in the summer beacause they live in different states during the rest of the year. This summer is special because Liam decides to bring 4 of his friends with him to spend the summer with Serena. Serena begins to fall for one of the boys but will Liam allow it? I guess your just gonna have to read it and find out.


4. Nando's

                 ~SERENA'S P.O.V.~     

When we finally arrived at Nando's we were all starving. i had called my best friend Kenzie and her mom so they can join us. they arrived the same time we did and when we got there i ran up and gave Kenzie a big hug. I haven't seen her in so long. That's one of the reasons i invited her. the other is because i knew she would get along great with the boys. All the boys introduced themselves and gave her a big welcome hug. We walked into the restaurant and waited to be seated. I sat in between Niall and Louis and across from Mckenzie who was sitting in between Zayn and Harry. To the left of Niall was Liam. my mom and Kenzie's mom got their own table. I ordered what i usually did and to my surprise Niall ordered the same thing. We laughed about it and i could tell that Harry was getting a little upset so we stopped.

              ~LOUIS P.O.V.~

     Serena invited her beautiful best friend Kenzie. She seemed really nice and funny. she was also really cute. There was something going on between Niall and Serena and i was determined to to find out what it was. I could tell that whenever they were laughing or doing something like that Harry would get upset. I think he'd had enough because then he'd started flirting with Kenzie but i couldn't tell if she liked him or not. Liam looked concerned. this is going to be an  interesting summer... 

             ~HARRY'S POV~

        I was going to sit next to Serena but Niall and Louis beat me to it so i decided to sit next to Kenzie. Besides, she's really cute and nice. Serena and Niall kept flirting and it was really starting to upset me. i don't know why though. i just met her! I decided to try and find out if Serena likes me. I started to flirt with Kenzie to see her reaction. Kenzie was really hard to read. Does she like me or not? of course she does how could she not? i mean i'm Harry Styles! I put my arm on the back of her chair so that if she leaned back my arm would be around her. I kept complementing her but Serena didn't seem to notice. Our food finally came and as our gorgeous waitress gave me my food i decided i should probably make sure she really notices this time. I stood up and just as the waitress ws about to leave i walked up to her, took the tray out of her hands and put it on an empty table. 

      "Hello beautiful," i said with a smile and a wink.

      "Hi," she said smiling confusedly. 

      "We should really hang out some time. just you and me," i said putting my arm around her waist and slipping her phone out of her back pocket. I put my number in her phone.

     "Text me later babe so we can plan that date," i said smirking. i kissed her on the cheek and walked away. She put her phone back in her pocket and walked away. i sat back down at our table and put my our back around Kenzie.

     "you are such a player," she said laughing.

     "players a bit harsh. I prefer 'ladies man'," i said posing.

She laughed and we ate our dinner getting to know each other better and laughing. 


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