A Summer To Remember

Serena and Liam have been friends forever. They only see each other in the summer beacause they live in different states during the rest of the year. This summer is special because Liam decides to bring 4 of his friends with him to spend the summer with Serena. Serena begins to fall for one of the boys but will Liam allow it? I guess your just gonna have to read it and find out.


6. an eventful night

I wasn't sure. I smiled at him. He smiled back. We snapped back into reality when we heard Kenzie scream and saw Harry and her on the running around laughing and the others coming outside.

"We better go," i said hoping that no one else had noticed us.

"yeah. Come on," he said pulling me up from the ground.

We walked over to the others. Louis looked kind of disappointed. I felt bad... we were in the middle of an amazing moment and it was ruined. Liam wouldn't have approved of it any way. We were about 20 feet away from the rest of the group when i noticed Niall and Liam holding something behind their backs. Kenzie was about 10 feet away from them.

"KENZIE NO!" i screamed before sprinting up the back porch.

I tried to open the back door but it was locked. really mom? you're taking their side? I ran to the side of the house that faces the guest house and climbed up the tree next to my balcony and into my room. why do we have trees next to almost all of the balconies? i was about to change into my PJ's when i got another idea. I put on a plain black shirt, a black sweatshirt and my all black yoga pants. I grabbed my black and white converse and put them on before taking my hair out of the pony tail which was now falling apart. i quickly brushed it out and admired my beach waves in the mirror before putting the sweatshirt hood on and climbing back out the window. i climbed back down the tree and up the tree next to the boys window. 

i feel really bad for leaving Kenzie behind but i'm hoping this will make up for it. I looked around for a place to hide and decided to hide in the closet in one of the rooms behind a bunch of the clothes and up on a shelf so if someone opened the closet they wouldn't be able to find me. i'm not sure who's it is but oh well. i decided to text Kenzie.

S: did they get you?

K: yes but i got away. i'm hiding in your room. they think you're in here with me.

S: good. i have another idea hehe. dress in anything black you have!

after a couple of minutes she replies.

K: k. now what? 

S: walk out onto the balcony, climb down the tree, climb up the tree next to the boys balcony and climb inside, pick a room and hide. 

K: let me guess... wait until they come back and scare them? 

S: yep. shhhh i think their coming!

I heard the bedroom door open and the light turned on. I heard a drawer open and close. after about a minute the closet door opened and i saw a shirtless Niall in his PJ pants throw his shirt into the closet. I saw the light turn off and waited about 6 or 7 minutes. I quietly stepped down from the shelf and out from behind the clothes. I slowly opened the door and stepped out of the closet. Thankfully Niall didn't notice. i wanted to be as creepy as i could so i pulled the hood farther over my head and stood at the end of the bed. Niall, who was turned to the side facing the wall, slowly turned towards me. When he noticed me he jumped and flipped on the lamp next to the bed. The look on his face was priceless.

"w-w-who are y-y-you?" he asked frightened.

i couldn't keep myself from laughing. i fell onto the bed in a fit of giggles and let the hood fall off my head. when i finally calmed down i said, "you should have seem the look on your face!"

He was now standing next to me with his arms crossed trying to look mad.

"that wasn't funny," he said trying to sound angry but i could tell he wasn't.

"oh come on. you know it was," i said still laughing.

"ok maybe a little. but you really did scare me i thought someone was gonna kill me and then go after you.......... and everyone else,"he said hesitating before saying the last part. 

"oh really? i think you were afraid that they were gonna hurt me or that maybe they already did," i winked.

"well of course. i mean that would be horrible! if they hurt you i'd be really upset. well, if they hurt anyone else too of course," he said blushing and sitting down next to me.

"Awww well there's no need to be upset. I'm ok," i said before we heard Harry scream from down the hall.

"let me guess Kenzie did the same thing to Harry?" he asked.


"i'm still very upset," he said putting on another angry face.

"i'm sorry," i said trying to cheer him up.

"Sorry doesn't help," he said.

"i'm really, really sorry Niall. i'll make it up to you  i promise!" i said wrapping my arms around his neck, putting my head on his shoulder and giving him a puppy dog face.

"How?" he said looking down at me.

Our faces were just inches apart and I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks. why am i so embarrassed? He wrapped his arms around my waist.

"i don't know," i said blushing again.

"well what about this?" he asked.

He lifted up my chin and slowly kissed me. I kissed him back and it turned into a really passionate kiss. i couldn't help but smile in the kiss. I broke the kiss and said, "Liams gonna kill us if he finds out."

"then he won't find out," he said before kissing me again.

"i should probably get back to my room before someone starts to wonder where i am," i said when we finished.

"do you really have to go?" he asked. 

"yes i'm sorry but if i stay here for the night someone will find out about this and tell Liam," i sadly said.

"ok," he said before following me to the balcony.

"bye Niall. i'll see you tomorrow."

"bye Serena," he sadly said.

I got to the edge of the balcony and was about to climb onto the tree when i stopped. i slowly turned around and walked back towards him. before he could say anything i put my hands around his neck and kissed him again. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer, deepening the kiss.i started running my hands through his hair. I broke the kiss and walked back over to the tree. i climbed on, waved goodbye to Niall, climbed down and ran over to the tree next to my balcony. I climbed up and shut my balcony doors behind me. I mad shirt the door was shut and all the curtains were closed before i did a happy dance. i couldn't believe what just happened! I calmed down and changed into my pajamas. i was gonna wait for Kenzie but she texted me saying that she was gonna stay with Harry for the night so i crawled into my bed, turned out the light and went to sleep.

                     ~KENZIE'S POV~

I hid under Harry's bed and waited until he came in. i stayed really quiet and almost fell asleep but it got really awkward when i saw his shirt drop onto the ground. i think he was about to take off his pants but i stopped him by grabbing his ankles which really freaked him out. He screamed like a little girl!!!!!! i started laughing so hard. i couldn't even crawl out from under the bed. Harry looked under the bed at me still laughing and pull me out and put me on his bed. I couldn't stopped laughing. he sat next to me with an angry look on his face. 

"that was hilarious!!!!! you screamed like a little girl!" i said in between laughs.

"shut up!" he yelled.

"Awwwweee is Hawwy upset? i sowwy baby," i said in a baby voice.

"that's not nice! now you have to make it up to me," he said winking.

"hmmmmm now how am i gonna do that?" i asked moving closer to him.

"i don't know. how are you gonna?" he asked smirking at me.

i was right next to him now.

"maybe like this?" i said before grabbing his face with my hands and kissing him. 

He kissed me back and we started to get into a hardcore make out season. he pushed me down on the bed so he was on top of me. i ran my hands through his soft curls and he was playing with the hem of my shirt. he started to pull it up before i broke the kiss. 

"Harry. i should really get back to Serena before she starts to worry," i said.

"Noooo. you didn't finish making it up to me," he complained.

"please Harry i'm tired," i said.

"then stay here with me."

"ffffiiiiiiinnnnneeeee. let me tell serena so she doesnt freak out."

"yay!!!!!" he cheered.

i grabbed my phone and texted Serena. she said she was fine with it. i'm so glad i decided to wear my pajamas to do this because if not i would have nothing to sleep in. i crawled back into bed with Harry and turned off the light. He pulled me close to him wrapping his arm around my waist and burying his face into my neck. we fell asleep within seconds still cuddled together.




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