On The Streets

This story is just a little something I made after a dream. The night of this dream I was texting a friend and she was making up a story, to witch I would have to write one back. So as the messages continued I became obsessed over what to write about. I must of been really into the idea because I then had a dream, of witch I rarely have, and the entire way through the dream I would stop and say..."This would make a great story! I have to tell her!" So I did and she loved it! She begged for more chapters. And so I made three. I am continuing these and more will be added. Basically, this story is about a girl, at the age of sixteen turning seventeen on a search for answers. She has lived a hard life but remains put together, but she is willing to go through what ever may tear her apart to regain what she once had.


1. Fog

The sirens on the street finally fell silent and I began to drift back into sleep. The street light just outside my window flickered in an almost rhythmic rate, as if singing me a lullaby. I resumed to my pillow, drifting off into darkness and then when I became emirsed in my mind I felt the feeling of falling. I started falling and falling untill I entered my dream.

I fell hard on the grass, it was foggy, but the sun lit all the corners of the ground. I explored with my eyes, all that surrounded me. I heard birds. Was I dreaming of the park?? No it's too clean. I stared into the fog to a spot in the grass that seemed to be an indentation in the field, and there in the middle, sat a little child, of about for years of age, playing with a stick. It was so picturesque but oddly evil in a way.

But I liked this dream. It was quieter than the others I usually had. Like after my brother went missing. All I saw where shadows and they where screaming and yellping. Almost animal like. Why was this dream so odd? It doesn't fit! I came closer, crawling on all four and squinting. The mist settled to form a fading circle around the boy. All I could see was the back of his head. And I reached to touched his shoulder. The feeling got stronger. But wasn't a evil feeling, it was a warning feeling.

Why? Was he going to turn and show me his monster face? I pulled my hand back and shrugged off and shaked a little.
Or was it that something was behind me?? Before I could turn around I started to see darkness. Not the menessing shadow dark but the end of the dream dark. And I swept into a dreamless rest. The feeling didn't leave me though...

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