heart attack

Alex was a nine year old girl and loved one direction. On new years she finds out her cousin eleni is really good friends with them, they let her go on tour with them, but Louis doesn't keep his eyes wide open, so read to find out what happens


1. New years

"Mom, when are the guests coming, I want to have fun!" I yelled as I put the chips and dip on a plate. the food was ready, I got my IPhone and put on my favorite band and song, "Heart Attack" by "One direction". As usual, my aunt was the first to come. MY cousin Eleni always brought friends I enjoyed, even though they are all like 20! When she came in I was so shocked to see one direction come in my house. Then,  Eleni caught me before I fell to the ground. I fainted. then when I woke up, I was as happy as a kid on Christmas.so I said hi and we just chatted. So when all the other guests came, we got to eat. Niall was the most exited.we are greek so we had mostly greek food, niall asked what kind of food it was. I replied with a simple "just eat it". We were so happy when it was time for karaoke. I went against Louis. I beat him by singing we will rock you. We had so much fun! I heard my parents let me go with them on tour. So we got in the car and drove to the airport.

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