heart attack

Alex was a nine year old girl and loved one direction. On new years she finds out her cousin eleni is really good friends with them, they let her go on tour with them, but Louis doesn't keep his eyes wide open, so read to find out what happens


3. Emily!

alex: hey

Emily: hey

alex: whats up?


alex: Emily!?

Robber: Emily isn't with u anymore

Alex: What did you do to Em?

robber: killed...

alex: killed!?!?!?!?!


Great. I ran to my room and started to cry. zany and liam came in. "Whats wrong?" Liam asked."I don't want to talk about it." I said. there were tears all over my pillow.  I thought this would be a FUN vacation. "Harry is back, want us to go get you a snack?" Zayn asked."No thanks, but... wanna prank harry?" I said while chuckling.

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