heart attack

Alex was a nine year old girl and loved one direction. On new years she finds out her cousin eleni is really good friends with them, they let her go on tour with them, but Louis doesn't keep his eyes wide open, so read to find out what happens


2. Airport

When we were at the airport, we couldn't get out of the car because crouds of people were surrounding us! when I was cleared up, girls were confused why I was here. they were whispering and pointing. I was so embarrassed I literally hid behing a body guard. when we got inside the boys were signing autographs. After about 100 autographs we got onto the plane. I had never been in first class. it was awesome! We arrived in a very familiar place. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Greece! Instead of renting an apartment, we went to parents; house. "This is an apartment?! its huge!" Niall yelled. Zayn was already sleeping on the couch, liam was reading, niall was eating, harry went shopping at the market, and Louis was watching tv. I just went on my computer. I missed my friends, so I decided to chat with Emily, my bestfriend since kindergarden.She always understanded me.

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