she's my child to

The name is rose. Nickname; roe. Niall horan was my boyfriend and father to my child but he doesn’t know. (one direction is not famous). I have have the most amazing mom in the world she use to help me because.... if you read the history you will find out.


8. where are you lucy?? part 2.

Rose's p.o.v.


I sat down on a bench and looked at the doll. don't you worry roe we will find her kathryn said and give me a hand. I got up and search again for her. lucy where are you sweetie kathryn yelled she was the only one who called her sweetie and I was the only one who called her hunney and my mom used to call her cupcake princess. Niall was new whit her so he didn't have any nickname for her. lucy..hunney where are you? I yelled and then I saw a police man. hey my daughter lucy is gone we just found her doll here in the park, can you please help me to find her? I said frustrated to him. just relax if we find her I'll contact you. He said and I got a little bit relaxed and we walked home to me. I sat down in the couch and turned the tv on. on the news they talked about a murder that had been last night and that a little girl had disappeared and that they were looking for her now. Well its some good news but my mom and daughter was gone from me now. My phone was calling. Hello I said. hello we just found your daughter and we are on our way to you whit her now. A man said ok I said and the line got cut. After some minutes they was there but lucy was still in the car. can we talk whit you miss.mattson? A man said. Sure! I said and they came in.

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