she's my child to

The name is rose. Nickname; roe. Niall horan was my boyfriend and father to my child but he doesn’t know. (one direction is not famous). I have have the most amazing mom in the world she use to help me because.... if you read the history you will find out.


9. take a break. part 1.

Rose's p.o.v.


The police man came in and we sat us down in the kitchen. is it something wrong? I said. i think you maybe need some break he said and picked up his note book. What do you mean? I said confused. i mean that you maybe can ask someone to take care of her for some days and you take some break from your job he said. but..but I don't need it I said. No I mean it he said and then kathryn came in. whats going on? She said and sat down. rose need some break for some days, can you take care of lucy? He said and looked at us bout. sure I can she said and I smiled a little bit to her. The police man walked out to get lucy and I walked up to pack a bag to her.


Kathryn's p.o.v.


Lucy came in whit tears in her eyes. lucy sweetie.. mommy need to take a break for some days so you gonna live whit me then I said and she looked up at me. where is mommy? She said. she is up stairs I said and then niall came to us and lucy hugged him. Rose came down and holded lucy. lucy don’t do that you did again. I can't lose you rose said and I took lucy's bag. Rose and niall said good bye to lucy and we walked home to me.

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