she's my child to

The name is rose. Nickname; roe. Niall horan was my boyfriend and father to my child but he doesn’t know. (one direction is not famous). I have have the most amazing mom in the world she use to help me because.... if you read the history you will find out.


5. stay the night

Niall's p.o.v.


I just meet my daughter and just told roe that I love her. I looked into her brown eyes. She was loving me and I was loving her. I kissed her and in that moment lucy came down whit a doll. mommy,. Daddy? She said. eh.. what is it lucy? Roe said. daddy you wanna see my doll? Lucy said. Sure! I said and she showed me it.


Rose's p.o.v.


Lucy came down and showed him her doll. They were so cute together. mommy can I get a cupcake? Lucy said whit a puppy face. Sure I said and walked to get a cupcake to her. She walked to her room and I sat down beside niall. she is cute niall said whit a smile. Yes I said and looked at him. I wonder where my mom was.

Massage to mom; where are you?. I didn't get a message back and I got worried. I tried to call my mom while niall played whit lucy but she didn't answer any of the times I called her. It got late and lucy felled asleep in niall's arms. i go up whit lucy niall said and walked up. When he came down I was at the kitchen. Roe? Niall said and came back of me and grabbed his arms around me. what is it niall? I said and turned around. can I stay here tonight?i can sleep at the couch. He said. ok but I will sleep at the couch and fix my room to you I said and he kissed me again. no I will not let you sleep at the couch he said. no niall I said concentrated to win this. roe, if you gonna sleep at the couch I will be sad he said whit a sad voice and a sad face. I’ll sleep whit you I said and he smiled. so you mean I cut him of. we bout sleep in my bed tonight but not like you think I said. 

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