she's my child to

The name is rose. Nickname; roe. Niall horan was my boyfriend and father to my child but he doesn’t know. (one direction is not famous). I have have the most amazing mom in the world she use to help me because.... if you read the history you will find out.


13. rose what happened?? part 2.

Niall's p.o.v.


I found rose. I called the ambulance. rose..rose I said whit tears in my eyes. I called liam and then the ambulance came. niall whats going on he said. *I have to go to the hospital whit rose* I said and got in to the ambulance. liam just meet me at the hospital. I said and cut the line. We came to the hospital and I saw the other lads. They gave me an huge hug and I called kathryn. did you find her? She said frustrated. yes we are at the hospital now I said and looked at the boys. i take lucy whit me and we'll be there soon she said and the line cot cut. I walked to the lads. what happened louis said and liam took me away. who was it you called? He said, it was kathryn, a friend who take care of lucy and they on their way here I said and thinked over that the other boys didn't know about lucy. you have to tell them niall liam said mad to me. i know but how? I said and took my think face on. niall I say it liam said and started to walk. I took liam back and looked at him. And then kathryn and lucy wad there. I walked to them and took lucy up. hey lucy I said. daddy why are we here and where is mommy she said. mommy is in another room I said and louis came to us and kathryn walked to the other boys. who is this little girl louis said and smiled to her. its lucy I said and looked at her. daddy who is he? Lucy whispered in my ear. its louis I said and she looked at him. did she call you daddy? Louis said and looked at me. Yes she did, lucy can you go to kathryn? I said and she walked to her. are you a dad? Louis said whit big eyes. yes I didn't know before roe tell me that I said and the doctor came to me. how is she? I said frustrated, she's fine, but if there is anyone who are gonna meet her it cane just go one and one the doctor said. but I know her daughter wanna see her so can I go whit her? I said and looked at lucy. Sure he said and lucy ran over to me and we walked in.


Rose's p.o.v.

I just waked up and talked whit the doctor. Niall and lucy came in and lucy got up in my bed, and got a big hug and Niall kissed me. 

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