she's my child to

The name is rose. Nickname; roe. Niall horan was my boyfriend and father to my child but he doesn’t know. (one direction is not famous). I have have the most amazing mom in the world she use to help me because.... if you read the history you will find out.


6. mom was killed

Rose's p.o.v.


I walked up to my room and jumped in my pajamas. I was going to bed and then niall came in. roe can I ask you something? Niall said and layed beside me. what is it? I said and looked at him. why didn't you tell me that you were pregnant I would help you he said and took his arm around me. i don't know I was scared I said and he just kissed me. It started whit a kiss and I think it ended whit some thing else. I woke up the next morning and saw my bra and underwear on the floor. good morning love niall said and I kissed him. morning niall I said and took my bra and underwear up from the floor. I walked into the bathroom and brushed my hair. I walked down and saw lucy watching TV. good morning lucy I said and she ran into me. mommy where grandmommy? She said and saw niall came down and she ran into him. i don't know hunney I said and picked up my phone. She haven't came home yet or called or text back. I tried to call her but I got no answer. I called my boss and said I could not came to work to day. lucy are you hungry? I said and she and niall came into the kitchen. can I get cornflakes? She said whit a puppy face that I could not say no to. Sure I said and she sat down and I fixed it to her. Niall made some food to me and him and we sat down whit lucy. When we was done me and niall cleaned up and then my phone was ringing.

Hello? I said care full

hello this it detective mr.turner who i'am talking to a man said.

its rose mattson I said scared.

daughter of victoria mattson? He said.

yes, is there something wrong? I said scared.

your mom were killed last night he said and I started to cry.

What? I said frustrated

i'm sorry for your lost he said and the line got cut. I sat down and niall came in. what is it love? He said and I looked up at him whit tears in my eyes. mom is dead I said and then lucy came in. mommy who is dead? She said and looked scared at me. Hunney I said and she started to cry and ran up. i go up niall said and I followed him. lucy! Were are you? I said and walked into my room after been in her room. Lucy I said and sat down whit her. mommy who killed grandmommy? She said whit tears in her eyes. i don't know but the police will find it out and take that person I said and hugged her. Niall came and joined us.


Niall's p.o.v.


It killed me to see them like that. I walked down and called liam. hey niall where are you? He said. i'm whit roe. I need to stay here for a while her mom just got killed and lu.. I stopped they couldn't know about her now. and lu? He said. and lucy need some help now I said and sat down in the couch. ok I understand he said and the conservation was over. I walked up and saw them layed in the bed. I walked to them and saw roe was crushed. I layed beside them and cuddled whit rose's hair. 

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