Isabel-Rose discovers she is pregant from an out of control party thrown by the richest senior. Her whole world falls apart.


1. Chapter 1."Im

"I'm  coming, okay? Yeah! Be ready in  5. Okay see you then, lots of love" I yelled down the phone at Millie, she was like my best friend since like whenever I can remember. We were attending Nathan's party he was the hottest richest guy at St.Beavens. I heard Millie pull up and honk, I ran down and jumped in her white Audi R8 careful not to catch my tight grey D&G dress. So are you excited? Yeah of course I am I told Millie trying to remain calm. We arrived at Nathan's house it was a massive light grey painted mansion in central Beverly Hills. There were fairly lights strung all over the trees and Let Me Love You by Ne-Yo blaring out the house. Ready? Ready!  Millie replied once we were inside the party Millie spotted Nathan dancing with a load of Victorias Secrect angels looking girls. Nathan here you go! She yelled over the music handing him a bottle of vintage Dom Peringnon brut. Thanks darling come to the kitchen where we can open this up, I'd quiet get to know your little friend he said eyeing me up and giving me a wink.  So Isabel is it? He asked handing me a glass of champagne once we were sitting is his enormous white glossy kitchen. Yes I said blushing. He continued  flirting with me until Millie cut in ,Right I've had enough I'm going back to the party she announced striding off with her drink. I suddenly felt really nervous ans I heart raced as Nathan can closer and pressed her lips against my neck whispering seductive things against my skin. I can't do this I'm not that kind of girl I need to find Millie I cried as I ran out the kitchen back to the party.


After I danced non-stop for over 2 hours I went for a toilet break, Millie directed me but it was so easy to get lost in this enormous house. Going somewhere? I heard I slightly familiar voice call from behind I snapped by head round seeing Nathan behind with his hands on my waist. Um was going to the toilet. I managed to stutter why was he having this effect on me? I never go for these guys you know the hot Abercrombie model type. I'll show you follow me, he took his perfectly sculptured hand in my well ordinary hand and lead me to what I believed was a toilet.

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