All because she Cheated

Payton, Sydney and Dakota we are all best friends. With one catch. Payton and Sydney were dating Louis and Liam from One Direction. But Sydney and Niall used to go out. What will happen when Louis finds out Sydney's pregnant? With Nialls child? What about when Liam and Payton break up and she goes to Harry? What will Liam do when Paytons ex Vincent comes back? Read to find out! *This is my first movella ever so I'm really excited about this!* Enjoy!


1. Wake up!

                              *Payton’s POV*

  “Liam babe wake up! It’s 12 o’clock!” I screamed at Liam since he was still sleeping.

“I’m awake! I’m up!” he screamed rolling over. He hit my face.

“What was that for?” I asked him.

“Well if you were like a clock I could slap you and you would shut up for 15 more minutes,” I chuckled and he fell off the bed. I jumped down to him and gave him a kiss. “We have to be ready in like 10 minutes so you better get going. I know how long it takes girls to get ready,” Liam smirked.

“You know I’m not your normal girl. Besides you know I only take 5 minutes to get ready,” I smirked back and he chuckled. We got ready and left for the studio with Liam. We have never left each other’s side since we got married 3 weeks ago.

     *Liam’s POV*

God she’s so beautiful. I don’t deserve her. Why is she even with me? I mean I know she loves me but why? I thought to myself as I got up to go get dressed. When I was finished Payton was already downstairs waiting for me.

“You took longer than me. See we don’t all take a long time to get dressed,” she smirked.

“I was just messing with you love. By the way have you looked at you hair today. It looks really messy.”

“No it doesn’t!” she screamed. I messed her hair up and she smacked me. “It was worth it,” I smirked.

“Was it now? Well then you can just forget about what we were gonna do when we got back,” she said as if she was trying to seduce me. We went to the studio and everyone else was already there except for the 2 that were always late. Sydney and Louis. They were always ‘fashionably late’ as Louis would say.

“Sorry we’re late lads!” Louis shouted walking in threw the doors.

“You’re always late,” we all mumbled under our breath so Louis couldn’t hear.

“Alright boys! Time to get to work! First I want you to record ‘They don’t know about us’ then I want you to record ‘Summer Love’” Simon told us as we walked into the recording booth.

       *Sydney’s POV*

 God Niall is so sexy. Wait?! What am I saying I love Louis! I and Niall used to be a thing. But now I’m with Louis. But god Niall was so good in bed. Can we just be friends with benefits? No!? Stop that! You love Louis! He’s your life! He’s your one and only! Niall’s abs are so sex- stop that!?

“So how’s it going with you and Boobear?” Payton asked me winking.

“Really good actually!” I said trying to hide my feelings about Niall. I think I covered it pretty well. But my smile wasn’t too believable. 

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