All because she Cheated

Payton, Sydney and Dakota we are all best friends. With one catch. Payton and Sydney were dating Louis and Liam from One Direction. But Sydney and Niall used to go out. What will happen when Louis finds out Sydney's pregnant? With Nialls child? What about when Liam and Payton break up and she goes to Harry? What will Liam do when Paytons ex Vincent comes back? Read to find out! *This is my first movella ever so I'm really excited about this!* Enjoy!


3. The Tragedy

                             *Louis’s POV*

“I’m so sorry,” Sydney finished. I didn’t know what I was doing. I had my hands in fists and I stood up. I walked over to Sydney and punched her in the stomach. She fell to the ground crying. Then I punched Niall to the ground and started punching him. I couldn’t stop. I wanted to so badly but I couldn’t. I picked Niall up and threw him against the wall. It took Simon, Paul, Liam, Harry, and Zayn to get me to leave Niall alone and stop punching him. He just lay there. Lifeless. I felt so bad knowing I killed my best mate. We always got on fabulously. We never fought. I supported him with every decision he made. And now I just beat the life out of him.


                 *Harry’s POV*

 What had Louis just done? Louis and Niall were best mates. They never fought they were like the perfect brothers and now Louis just beat the life out of Niall and had possibly killed Sydney’s baby. What was wrong with him? I grabbed Louis along with everyone else and we yanked him off Niall. I swear Niall was dead. He didn’t move. He just lay there lifeless. Louis broke free of our hold and dropped to the ground. He lay upon Niall’s chest crying. He wouldn’t move from that spot no matter what we did.

     *Zayn’s POV*

What the bloody hell did Louis just do? Niall was Louis’s best friend of  the group. Louis broke free of our hold and just sat there crying on Niall’s chest. He wouldn’t move. I looked over at Harry. He was calling an ambulance for Niall and for Sydney. All I could do was stare at Lou 

with huge eyes. Niall didn’t move. He just lay there with his eyes shut. I couldn’t bear to see him like this. So I began to cry and then I ran. I could hear Liam calling my name but I couldn’t stop running. It just felt so right to keep running. An ambulance was coming close. I pulled out my phone and called my girlfriend Sydnee. (There are 2 Sydney’s in the story. One is Sydney and she’s pregnant and Sydnee who is just Zayn’s girlfriend.)

Sydnee: Hey babe. What’s up?

Me: I just wanted to say I love you.

Sydnee: Why? What’s going on? Zayn? Zayn?!

Me: babe I’m still here. But I won’t be for long. Niall’s dead. The band is over. I have no reason to live now. I love you. Tell everyone else they were amazing and I love them. Goodbye forever love.

Sydnee: Zayn!! Wait! Don’t do it! I love you and if you die I will too. I have no will to live without you. Zayn?! Zayn?!


-call ended-

     *Liam’s POV*

We were sitting there thinking about where Zayn would be when Sydnee came rushing in. “Zayn! He just he just he just.”

“Spit it out Sydnee!” I yelled at her.

“Zayn just killed himself. He stepped out in front of an ambulance going full speed. Since Niall was dead he said he had no will to live,” she said a tear streaming down her face.






                                                   *Author's Note*

       Hai guise!! So umm I was still thinking on this chapter and was having a bit of writers block so sorry if you didn't want that to happen to Zayn! Please don't hate me! Anyways so I'm almost finished with the story draft so i will be posting the entire story on here pretty soon so fingers crossed! This story isn't going to be that long and then there might be a sequel I still haven't decided. But that's all I have! Bye lovlies!



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