All because she Cheated

Payton, Sydney and Dakota we are all best friends. With one catch. Payton and Sydney were dating Louis and Liam from One Direction. But Sydney and Niall used to go out. What will happen when Louis finds out Sydney's pregnant? With Nialls child? What about when Liam and Payton break up and she goes to Harry? What will Liam do when Paytons ex Vincent comes back? Read to find out! *This is my first movella ever so I'm really excited about this!* Enjoy!


4. The Breakup

“This is all my fault!” Louis screamed still not letting go of Niall.

“Wha? What happened?” Niall said looking around.

“Niall!” Louis screamed. We all you jumped up and ran to Niall. Sydney was still knocked out from Louis’s punch. Sydnee threw a punch and Louis. He fell to the ground out cold.

“What was that for?!” I screamed at her.

“I-I I don’t know. Maybe it’s because he made Zayn kill himself! Zayn was my one my only! My other half! He was the love of my life and now he’s gone! Just because Niall couldn’t keep it in his pants. If Niall would have kept it in his pants none of this would have happened! But no Niall had to stick it in,” she said a tear streaming down her face.

“He can’t help how he feels!” Payton walked in yelling at her. She came back. I smiled at her. She came and sat down next to me. She leaned up and kissed me. I always feel sparks when we kiss but this time there was more sparks.

“Well well well if it isn’t the little slut herself,” Sydnee said with an evil smirk.

“Well at least I can keep my legs close. What’s your favorite? Doggy style. Oh mine? It’s called the virgin. It’s where you keep your legs closed until the right guy comes along. You wouldn’t know about the one would you? You screw whatever moves,” Payton smirked back. I chuckled and so did Harry. “Apply ice to burned area you little whore,” Payton said. Sydney started to wake up. “Sydney!” Payton yelled.

“Payton? What’s going on?” Sydney asked looking up at Payton. They were really close.

“Dakota? What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be at home with Jake!” Payton yelled.

“J-J-Jake h-he left-t m-me,” she said crying.

“Dakota! Come here. We are here for you,” Payton said. We all nodded. Dakota is a best friend to all of us. “Liam can I talk to you?” Payton asked me. I nodded. We went into the hallway of the studio.


   *Payton’s POV*

When Liam and I kissed I didn’t feel the spark I used to. It didn’t click like it used to.

“Liam can I talk to you?” I asked him. He nodded and we went into the hallway of the studio.

“What’s up babe?” he asked.

“I um how do I put this. I wanna brake up Liam. I’m sorry but I just don’t feel that spark I used to,” I told him. He was already crying before I even finished.

“Okay.  I understand. I have to go. Please tell the boys that I will be right back if you would be that nice you little whore,” Liam said walking away. I started to cry.

“Where’s Liam?” Harry asked me.

“He had to go somewhere he will be right back. But that was like 10 minutes ago so I’m gonna go look for him,” I told Harry walking out. His car was in the driveway but he wasn’t in there. There was a note in the window. I looked at it tears developing in my eyes as I read on and on. 

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