My Best Friend Louis Tomlinson

"I promise I'll come back for you." That's what my best friend told me before his life changed forever. He's in a world famous boy band and I'm stuck in Doncaster not sure what to do with my life. One things for sure he will always be my best friend.

What will happen when Louis come's back? Hearts will be broken and friendships will be torn apart but they will always love each other.


1. Back for you

Sophie's POV

It was a cold day in Doncaster and I was walking down the streets with my hands in my pockets hoping that when I got home I could lie on the couch and sleep. Unfortunately that wasn't going wasn't going to happen. I went into the front room to see my Mum talking to someone. great she's be there for hours. I'd have to be bothered to go upstairs were I don't have sky TV. Then I heard a voice. I knew that voice. A very attractive boy stood up and walked over to me. As soon as I saw his face I fell in love again. It was my best friend. Louis Tomlinson.

"L-l-l Louis." I stuttered. Louis came over and gave me a huge hug. I hugged him back. He was back. "You came back." I said looking up at him. He had grown a lot. He hair seemed lighter and was pushed into a quiff. His abs could clearly be seen through his tight black t shirt. Since when did Louis have abs? He had an expensive light grey blazer on teamed with black jeans and toms. In his hand he had a white I phone 5. Ok not fair. He's famous and has all the money he could ever want and he has an I phone. Whereas I'm stuck in Doncaster studying at university hoping to get some sort of career and I have a crappy BlackBerry that keeps breaking. I took another look at Louis I can't believe that's really him. "Of course I came back for you.!" Louis smiled at me. That smile. "You look amazing. I mean. How much did that whole outfit cost you." I asked still stunned at how great he looked.

"Dunno my stylist bought it."

"You have a stylist?"



Ok this is getting too much for me to handle. We and Louis sat on the couch watching TV. Was this really my best friend?

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