Pills to keep you fed. Pills to make you well. Pills to help you sleep. Pills to teach you life. Everything in Lara's future is restricted, decided, by the Pills that the globe take everyday. They limit your feelings and thoughts and your life... but they don't work on Lara. Lara is Resistant to the Pills. She always has been. And if she wasn't then her life would be bliss, except she's not. So she wants out.
This was a runner up in the Sci-Fi competition! :)


4. Tea

Using the 3 formulae I used today, I complete the formula needed for my I.i.B Pill. I would jump, shout, scream, punch the air, smile, laugh, dance, cheer, celebrate... I just stand and blink; I'm too broken.

I mix in all the components I need for my magic Pill but only in one mould. I am extra careful about everything I do to this Pill: if it goes wrong there's no knowing what it could do to my brain. Once all the ingredients are added I make another, and another, just to check if the Pill is the right colour. Realising that I'm not going to be taking 3 Pills, only one, I hide them in the corner of the room. What am I going to with them? I don't know. I let the original Pill cool while I try and separate the powders from the extra 2. Luckily, I realise a flaw in the formula that means taking 3 is the best option, so I put the other two in to cool as well.

I then remember to send in my work for the day. I press a red button which opens a hatch on the wall. I place the 3 trays of my work with the page of formulae in the hatch, and I then press a blue button which closes the hatch and sends off my work. I'm allowed to leave my workplace now. I tidy a little to kill a bit of time to let the Pills cool (and to look normal) and I then turn off the cooling machine. I quickly grab my creations and shove them in my pocket before I can change my mind, not like I would, and step towards the teleport for home. Before I leave, I take one last look of my workplace. I would shed a tear, mourning the loss of the only thing that keeps me human, but I don't. My true emotions faded away years ago. I step into the teleport without a second thought.

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