Pills to keep you fed. Pills to make you well. Pills to help you sleep. Pills to teach you life. Everything in Lara's future is restricted, decided, by the Pills that the globe take everyday. They limit your feelings and thoughts and your life... but they don't work on Lara. Lara is Resistant to the Pills. She always has been. And if she wasn't then her life would be bliss, except she's not. So she wants out.
This was a runner up in the Sci-Fi competition! :)


3. Lunch

Lunch is even lonelier than breakfast, although I'm sitting in a room with hundreds more people. We sit at one long table and we take our Pill in a sort of Mexican wave: when the person next to you takes it, so do you. Today I'm in-between two 20-somethings that both look familiar. One reminds me of my sister Verity and the other looks like my brother Colin. Chances are they are their fathers. Not like they'd remember.

I take this time to reflect on everything that has happened. If I took the I.i.B Pill then I'd never have to endure the loneliness of my current life, but I wouldn't remember anything that has happened either. I would lose the ability to think and feel, I'd never experience life ever again. I'd lose my humanity: humanity itself. Everything that makes me human would be lost. I'd just be an empty shell, a mindless slave, a robot, a drone...

The food Pill hits my stomach and it brings me back to reality. No, I have to do this. I cannot fight, and I cannot live, and if I die the world loses someone else, another fighter, another Resistant child. And maybe if I live then someday someone else Resistant will save us, and I can live my life on from there. Taking my Pill now is my only option. It makes me happy to know I won't have to go through this for much longer. My pain will stop and instead there will be nothing, sweet nothing. I just wish that there was a way for me to move everyone to my level instead of me stooping down to theirs. If I did find a way to make people Resistant then I could never distribute it. If I gave it to the Utopia Corporation then they would know it wasn't the formula that they had wanted me to make and then I'm dead. Even if they didn't realise the people that took it would be idiots and get discovered, and again, I'd die. At least I'll be able to take my own Pill without being discovered.

People start to walk towards the teleports. I follow; and I realise that that was the last lunch I'd have if the development of my Pill was to go to plan. I don't know whether that makes me happy, sad or something else.

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