Pills to keep you fed. Pills to make you well. Pills to help you sleep. Pills to teach you life. Everything in Lara's future is restricted, decided, by the Pills that the globe take everyday. They limit your feelings and thoughts and your life... but they don't work on Lara. Lara is Resistant to the Pills. She always has been. And if she wasn't then her life would be bliss, except she's not. So she wants out.
This was a runner up in the Sci-Fi competition! :)


5. Dinner

I sit in my bedroom with the 3 I.i.B Pills in my hand. Do I do it? Shall I do it? Will I do it? When I thought of them, planned them, made them, I never thought twice. But now... I'm having doubts. Not doubts, just I'm scared to do it. It's like suicide to me; it's the end of everything, except I keep going without knowing. Isn't this what I wanted? Isn't this what I have dreamed of since birth? Yes...no... I don't know any more. When I hold the Pills in my hand my clear plans become hazy and clouded and mixed up, nothing is what it seemed to be.

No. I can't do it.

Yes. I should do it.

No. I won't do it.

Yes. I must do it.

The first Pill is in my mouth. It feels like a lump in my throat, but it disappears when it hits my stomach.

I can't stop it now; the first one is already in my body. I have to keep going or else it won't work. I shove the second one in too.

It falls to my stomach like a stone. I feel it clunk in my gut. I only have one more left now, come on girl.

Fear takes over and my stomach tries to force the Pills back up. No Lara, you can't throw them up. You need to keep going. I swallow the foul taste and shudder, and my head begins to pound. The Pills are already working. My eyesight begins to blur and I let out a yawn. I need to do it quickly!

I shove the third one in my mouth, and the visions begin.

A tiny baby on my mother's lap.

"Who's that mummy?"

"It's your new sister, Lara. Her name is Kate. I'm sure you'll love her."


A new baby on mother's lap. This time I don't ask. I've had the learning Pill: I know if I speak out I'll be shot. Instead I walk calmly into the teleport. 'Don't look Lara, don't look. Don't look, you'll die."


My first day at work. A strange man gives me a round, grey Pill I've never seen before. 'Don't question it, Lara, don't question it.' I say to my 5 year old self. 'Don't question it, you'll die.'


My first major job. I have to make something to a formula I've learned about. I try and do it as best as I can. 'Don't mess up, Lara, don't mess up. Don't mess up, you'll die.'


Today. I finish my I.i.B Pill. I scribble down my own formula and mix my own combination of ingredients. 'Don't let them find out, Lara, don't let them find out. Don't let them find out, you'll die.


I open my eyes.

I swallow my third Pill.

Everything goes black.

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