Pills to keep you fed. Pills to make you well. Pills to help you sleep. Pills to teach you life. Everything in Lara's future is restricted, decided, by the Pills that the globe take everyday. They limit your feelings and thoughts and your life... but they don't work on Lara. Lara is Resistant to the Pills. She always has been. And if she wasn't then her life would be bliss, except she's not. So she wants out.
This was a runner up in the Sci-Fi competition! :)


2. Brunch

I work in a small room on my own with many different chemicals used in making our Pills. I am alone, all day, every day in this room. It would make any normal person insane. For me, I'm way past that point already. I'm given a sheet of paper that has 3 formulae on it that I am supposed to test. I have to make 30 of each formula and send it to the Utopia Corporation for testing. I don't mind jobs like these. It's a change, most days I have to make a 100 batch of a Pill to be mass produced. I just have to make sure it all works, really. Work is the one time I can really lose myself.

I take the compound used in all Pills and carefully drip in into a mould for 30. I decide to go as quick as I can today for a challenge. In my fast movements I spill a little of the mixture so I have to clear it before it stains the mould. Make a mistake and they know you're Resistant. Be revealed as Resistant and you're dead.

I've seen it happen before. It was my last year of school; I was 4. We were filling out an aptitude test when a girl looked up from her paper. Big mistake. Nobody looks away from their work. The teacher saw and called the Utopia Corporation. And out of the projector came a red beam pointed at her chest. She looked up to face it, and screamed as a gun grew out of the whiteboard and shot her where the light was. Just like that. Dead. And the worst part was? I had to pretend to not care. I had to take an extra Pill that night that was to make us forget. Apparently my brain doesn't like those Pills either.

It's not long before I've finished the three batches. I don't send them down to the Utopia Corporation just yet though. Today I want some free time, and I don't want them knowing about my Resistance either. Ideally they'd have me taking all day.

I grab a sheet of paper and scribble down a couple formulas of my own. When I do have some free time I like to come up with my own Pills. So far I made myself one that counter-acts part of the sleep Pill. I took it, and that night I saw the only dream I've ever had. But right now I'm working on something bigger and it's almost complete. I call it the I.i.B Pill: it stands for 'Ignorance is Bliss'. With just a few tweaks it should be able to weaken my brain to the point that the Pills would start to work. You may think I'm crazy for wanting this, but there's nothing I can live for, no reason for me to be anything more than a mindless robot.

The lunch bell rings as I am close to a breakthrough. I'm glad for a break.

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