Pills to keep you fed. Pills to make you well. Pills to help you sleep. Pills to teach you life. Everything in Lara's future is restricted, decided, by the Pills that the globe take everyday. They limit your feelings and thoughts and your life... but they don't work on Lara. Lara is Resistant to the Pills. She always has been. And if she wasn't then her life would be bliss, except she's not. So she wants out.
This was a runner up in the Sci-Fi competition! :)


1. Breakfast

I open my eyes. Day 5405 of my miserable life.

I sit up and reach to the side table to pick up my first three Pills for the day. I take the first one for keeping me awake the whole day, the second for regulating my bowel movements, and the third for keeping me in control. These Pills are what keeps everyone alive now.

The human race has grown tired from fighting for so long, and we have gone even further from perfect than we had before. After the Great War that took the lives of billions, only south-east Europe is habitable. America is no more, only a crater in the side of the Earth. Australia, China, England, South Africa; all heavily irradiated. We have driven ourselves to near-extinction. Our civilisation almost died. But then the Utopia Corporation saved us. They created the Pills to save us, to make us perfect again. As long as we take the Pills, we don't need to eat or fight or suffer. They keep us happy, content, alive. They prevent anything bad from happening to us. They limit the food needed to keep a dying civilisation alive. They make us fall in love when we need to and make us reproduce when we need to. They make us die when we become too old to enjoy life. They save us, make us perfect.

And controllable.

The Utopia Corporation have total control of the human race. With their Pills they take over people's minds. They choose what people do and how they think and act. Everyone is under their control. Well, not everyone. Not me. I'm Resistant. My brain is too complex for the mind-control Pill to take over. I am the only one I know. The only one with free-will. So do I fight? Do I fight the people that took away our humanity? I can't. I'm only 14.

I walk down to breakfast; it's not breakfast at all really. It is just a family gathering in the morning where we all take our Pill for our meal. No taste. We cannot taste our food. It makes me sad. I learned once from the learning Pill that humans once ate physical food, which had a taste. It said it was like smelling, but in your mouth. It sounded amazing, a luxury I would never get.

I sit down at the table with the rest of my family. My mother takes her Pill first, and then we go in age order, from oldest to youngest. There are 9 children in my family. None of us know our fathers. The Pills make my mother fall in love with the man most likely to make her pregnant, and then they have a child and he leaves. And the process happens again on the 2nd birthday of her child. It's a shame that we girls have to go through 10 pregnancies before our perfect match is created and we can settle down.

Once Mum has helped young, 18 month old Zoe take her Pill, my older brother starts talking. He says a couple sentences about his day at work yesterday, and after he finishes I quickly begin to talk. It's hard to keep suspicion off me. If the Utopia Corporation know I'm Resistant they will kill me. No-one will miss me: the Pills will make everyone forget. Once I stop talking my sister Kate takes over. She talks about boys and friends, but I know that she never has had these feelings for anyone. She just thinks she does. In fact she doesn't even think.

I go upstairs after and collapse onto my bed. I can't take this 'perfectness' and pretending any more. Why can't I be normal? Why am I Resistant? I know many people would give everything to be like me but the state of my brain is a curse. I try to shrug it off and I dress for the day. I work in Pill development because of my intelligence and interests and strengths. It's my job to make prototypes for a food Pill. It's hard, but it's the only part of my day that I feel normal. But that's because I feel human, not in a trance.

I check the time. Time for me to go. I run out the house and leap into the teleport.

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