Forever and always

*Sequel to I'm with you'


2. two

Harry and I wanted to visit Hailey, Niall and Danny in the hospital the next morning. I was nervous seeing her. I didn't want her to go, but there was nothing we could do. Thankfully Danny didn't have any complications during birth, that would be all I needed to see my best friend and my Godson go down.


"Hailey and Niall Horan in labor and delivery." I said to the desk lady.

"Right this way." She opened the large red doors by pressing the matching red button.

"Are you nervous, Ri?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, I don't want her to go."

He sighed in agreement, "Me either. Like I've said a billion times, she's like my sister."

My grip on his hand became tighter, "I know. But she's said to us like a billion of time to just move on and not waist our tears on her."

"It's not wasting them if it actually means something" He had a point there.

"Yeah, I guess. Well, if she makes it through the week were going to get matching tattoos." I smiled.

"That's adorable."


"Hey Niall, Danny" I whispered.

He smiled, "Hey guys." He placed the newborn down and hugged us. "Hailey's in there."

I left Harry with Niall and proceeded to the room, I knocked on the already open door with my knuckle, "Hey babe." I smiled, not wanting her to know that seeing her like that kills me: pale, weak, frowning.

"You came." Her tone told me that she was suprised.

"Of course I came." I sat in the chair next to her hospital.

"Thanks" she whispered.

"So, how you feeling mama?"

"I've been better." She said truthfully.

I nodded, "Understandable."


"OK, Harry. I'll see you later babe." I kissed his soft lips.

"Bye babe, I love you."

"Love you, too."

I then hugged Niall, "Bye Niall. I'll call you later, love you."

"Bye Maria. Love you, too."


"Hailey!" I said as the pitch in my voice went from low to high.

She sat up, "They gone?"

I nodded, "Yup."

"We need to talk."

"Yes we do."

"After, I- you know. Help Niall. Last night we were just talking about it and he cried so hard, I'm worried about him. I don't know what to do."

"You can't do anything, Hail. don't stress yourself, we have the boys to help him out."

She smiled a bit. "Yeah, I guess." 

It was silent after that.

"This is ironic, isn't it." She broke the silence.

I focused back on her, "What is?"

"Sitting here. Talking. About me dying," She then lost it "This is bullshit! What did we do to deserve this!" She began screaming and tears fell down. 

I began crying, too "I know, Hail."

"I'll never get experience life the way it should! I'm only 19 years old! I'm leaving my son, fiance and best friends! This fucking sucks! I just want it to be over now!"

The hair on my arms and the stubble on my legs stood up. Chills ran through my spine, "Hail, don't talk like that, please. It's gonna be OK-" I said

She cut me off "For you! You get to see my kid grow up. You get to watch my fiance move on..... You get to live, not me."

"Hail, you can't possibly be blaming me for your cancer, right? It's not my fault. I would do anything to save you, it's just impossible."

She looked down, "Remember what I used to say in 6th grade, Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'."

I didn't know how to respond to that. How would anyone. I'm sitting here talking about the future with my dying best friend. I just want everything to go back to normal.

"I love you, Hailey." 

She smiled, "I love you too, Maria."


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