Forever and always

*Sequel to I'm with you'


6. six

I couldn't hide it from Harry anymore. I've been keeping the pregnancy a secret, the other night we went out to eat,. I was awoken in the morning with morning sickness, I tried to play it of lie it was just the food, but it wasn't. I had to tell him, but how? My plan was to have Hailey with me, but we all know hat plan is shot. Just tell him I said over and over. No, no you can't he's leaving for tour soon. Well, you have to tell him stupid or he'll think you cheated on him! No he won't, he'll understand. My head was going in two directions. 

"Hey, Niall?" I knocked on his door

"Come in."

I walked in his room, as he was playing with Danny with his new friend, Hope. "I need to tell you something."

"So, tell me." He smiled to reveal his new teeth. 

"No, it's- uh fine. I just needed  help. Hailey was supposed to but, you know."

His expressions softened up quickly, "One sec."

Soon after, Hope exited the flat Harry, Niall, Danny and I shared. I went into his room and sat on his bed. I glanced at Hailey pillow. It was perfect. Just like she had made it everyday, but I knew Niall did. "So, whatcha need?"

"Well. Please don't freak out, but I'm-I'm pregnant." I spat out.

He smiled, "I remember when Hailey told me she was pregnant."

"Where you happy or nervous?"

"Nervous as fuck, but happy, too."

"So, how should I tell Harry?"

"Just tell him, he'll be happy. Try over dinner."

I nodded, "Thanks."


"Hazza!" I screamed from my bedroom. 

"What?" He called back.


I heard large footsteps, "Yes dear?"

"Can we go to diner tonight?"" I made a puppy face.

He kissed my nose, "Of course."

I smiled, "Thanks. Oh hey, so when do you go on tour?"

"Uh, about two weeks."

"Ugh, I don't you to go!"

"I don't wanna leave either, but at least you can come on tour with the boys and Danielle, Eleanour and Perrie."

I shrugged, "I don't know."

"Why? Please come."

"Well after tonight, lets see if you still want me to." I whispered.

"Why wouldn't I want you to?" He half shouted.


I stopped dead in my tracks. I was a dear in headlights. I was so confused on weather to tell him now or not.

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