Forever and always

*Sequel to I'm with you'


1. one

A/N: *IMPORTANT* I'm looking for one person to co-write 'Soccer Styles' with me and maria01 on my account hailey12. We're back *creepy tone*  I'm so excited for this book, it's going to be a lot more crazy/ better than the last. Here you go! Thanks, like, comment, favourite! -hailey12



Hailey POV

"Push, push, push push, push." The doctor called out.

"Your almost there, Hail. You got this!" Maria chanted.

"C'mon babe, almost a mother." Niall's soft voice spoke.

I let out screams as the baby started to come out of me. This was it, I've been waiting nine months to hear my baby cry. And the room went silent. The doctor patted the baby's back and it began to cry loudly. He gently placed the newborn on my chest and said with a smile, "It's a boy." I was a mom. I'm holding my child. "Any names?" He asked 

"Daniel James Horan." Niall said as a tear fell in joy.

He hugged me and the nurses picked my Daniel up and cleaned him off.

"I'm so proud of you, babe." Niall kissed me, and ran his fingers through the little hair I had left.

"Thanks." I hugged him. I sat up in the bed carefully, and saw them with Daniel. Cleaning him, talking to him, preparing him for Niall. During the pregnancy, we discovered that I have cancer, and won't make it much longer. I was scared, don't get me wrong. But maybe this is what the world needed, for me to go. 


"Hey Niall?" I called over to him as he looked at Daniel. 

He turned around, "Yeah?"

"It's getting late. He'll still be here tomorrow."

He smiled, "I know, but it's his first day on earth. It's special." 

I laughed and got up and stood next to him, "Yeah, it is."

Niall and I returned to my bed and watched reruns of Awkward for a bit.

"Hail?" He said ever so innocently


"Are you scared?"

I forced myself to chuckle, "Of dying?"

He nodded, "Yeah." I replied as my tone got softer.

He wrapped his large arms around my shoulder. 

"Promise me something, please." I looked him in the eyes

"Anything." He whispered

"When I die, move on. Don't spend your time being upset over me. Find someone who makes you happy. Just be sure to visit me, on special days. Please." A tear rolled down my cheek.

Niall began to cry more than I, "I promise. I love you Hailey."

I smiled and cried harder, too. "I love you too, Niall."

We just fell asleep like that. Talking about how I'm slowly dying, about the baby, and how I just wanted him and Daniel to be happy.

A/N: Also, this book is all about Maria, Mary and Claire! Hailey pretty much took up the last, so this is all about them! Enjoy! -hailey12

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