Forever and always

*Sequel to I'm with you'


4. four

The fans soon found out. All of our Twitters were filled with condolences. I knew they felt bad, but we just wanted to keep our minds off of it. 

@NiallOfficial: @haileymilio_xx I've never felt so empty in my life. Hailey passed away last night. I know she's watching over up. RIP babe. love you.x

@ItsMariaaa: @haileymilio_xx RIP, I love you so much. Danny and Niall are in safe hands. Fly high(':

@Harry_Styles: @haileymilio_xx watch down on us please. come with us on tour, 'little sister'. i love you, and miss you already.xx

@Louis_Tomlinson: I'm sure you all know, but Hailey passed away. She left behind a son, fiance, and best friends. Love you Hail. Fly as high as you can.xx

@zaynmalik: Heaven gained another angel today. @haileymilio_xx love you, bby.xx

@Real_Liam_Payne: we'll never forget you. fly high, hail. i love you.xx


I was so upset, I wrote a poem, dorky I know right? Well whatever. Here it is (A/N: Guys, my aunt just lost her father, yes my grandfather, so she wrote a poem about him. I'm just rewording it a bit, but if you guys want the real deal, let me know i the comments!)

Strength. Anger. Passion.

It's what keeps me going, not you.

This fire in my heart breaks through, with me making more of myself. No limits.

One day I'll be big, one day I'll be so big I'm unrecognizable.

But I don't have you to push me to say "Maria, you can. I know you can." It's all me. Not you.

I sit here and wonder why. Why I don't see your footprints in the sand any longer.

Maybe it was the tide. It got too high and washed them away.

But still I wonder....all this blood I will bleed, and have bled for you- means nothing now.

It's just me. Not us . Not you.

Sometimes I feel horrible, like a prisoner lying in her cell. Only her and her thoughts.

And that's your fault. You've left me this way. The tide came is so sudden, so high, and so quick. And now, it's only my footprints in the sand.

But when the tide came in too fast, it not only took your footprints

It also took some of the sand.

Like all the memories we made are slowly drifting away.

Just me. Alone.

Some days I sit and hope that you'll come through the door saying "I'm sorry, it's a joke."

But it isn't. And you footprints are somewhere further, further than I can reach.

Like a prisoner, I'm stuck here, here with the little hope I have left.

And I wonder why.. why everything changed so suddenly.

I belonged with you, and you with me. I was you best friend.

Now it's just me. Not you.

My footprints have a while until they're washed away, but sometimes I'd wish they'd wash away sooner.

I hope the tides rushes in and just takes them, just like it did yours.

It isn't fair. That mine are here alone, and I am stuck here in my cell of thoughts with almost no way out.

But I guess, like you's used say "It is what it is."

And I guess it was time for heavens tide to wash you away.

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