Endless Lies

Once Nadia heard the truth about her father she though all the lies would be over. As time went on only the ones close to her constantly kept lying. She couldn't trust anyone.


6. Chapter 6

*Nadia's POV*


           I finally got home, the day was so tiring. All I want to do it sleep right now. No one was home when I got in so I headed upstairs. I opened my door and all I saw was my comfy bed. "I'll see you soon baby" I whispered to the bed. Took off my closed and went to the bathroom to take a shower. I felt gross, didn't take a shower or this morning and I was desperately in need of one at the moment. I went in and plugged the radio in and turned on the water and got in. The water felt amazing it wasn't too hot or too cold it was just right. My song Pour It Up by Rihanna came on, I started singing and dancing. Then all of a sudden I busted my ass. "See this is exactly what I get for dancing like a fool in the shower" I said out loud.  I got out the shower to get dressed and finally I could get some sleep for a little bit it was only 3:30. I watched some tv before I started to doze off.


              I woke up and opened my eyes slowly to check my phone to see what time it was. It was 8:30 and my stomach was grumbling so I went to the bathroom to clean my face and brush my teeth. I felt so refreshed and my body wasn't aching no more. I grabbed my phone and went down stairs to the kitchen. I opened the draw with all the take out menus. It was between Chinese and a sandwich from the pizzeria.  Finally decided on getting a Italian Combo and fries. The guy said it should be here in 20 minutes so I ran upstairs to get the $20. I put the money on the counter and went in the living room to go watch tv. My phone started vibrating and it was a text from Elijah. For some reason I just got mad butterflies in my stomach. I unlocked my phone and went to messages.


Elijah: "Hey Nay :)"

 Me: " Hey :)"

 Elijah: "What are you doing tonite?"

 Me: "Nuthing, Why what's up?"

 Elijah: "I wanted to know if you want to go to the movies tonite?"

 Me: "Yea sure, who's all going?"

 Elijah: " I just wanted it to be you and me ;)"

 Me: "Oh ok what time?"

 Elijah: "I'll pick you up at 10:30 beautiful the movie starts at 11."

 Me: "OK I'll see you then :)"


         I locked my phone and got up and started doing my happy dance. Yeah uh huh I'm going on a date yeah yeah! I was jumping on the couch when my mom walked in the house. "Nadia Marie Thompson!" she yelled. Oh shit shes going to whoop my ass I thought to myself. She said "What on earth are you doing child, have you lost your damn mind!" I said under my breathe yes I have. "Sorry mom!" I screamed back at her.


       This food better hurry up and come on so I can get dressed and look my best. So I sat back down waiting impatiently for my damn food to come. They said 20 minutes and 25 went by. This person is getting no tip. My stomach is grumbling louder, Im starving! The doorbell rang and I grabbed the money and ran to the door. It was the delivery guy! Yes! I've never been so happy to get food. He took the money and  I locked the door and sat on the chair & started eating my food. Finally! This is so good! Amazing didn't  know food could taste this good when your starving. I looked at the stove clock and it was almost 10. Woohoo time to get dressed, look good. I can't wait! I got to my room went right into my closet. Hmmm what should I wear?! I definitely need to look my best with the gorgeous man. About 10 minutes went by, since it was warm out I decided to go with some dark blue jeans, sandals and a fuchsia top. My hair was already in nice curls so I just took two pieces from the side & clipped in the back with a small butterfly clip. Next I had to put my makeup skills to work in about 5 minutes. That us not enough time for me to put my makeup on but Im sure enough going to try. I got out my liquid eyeliner & put a thin line on my top lid and bottom lid. Once it was to perfection, I grabbed my eyeliner and made my lashes look longer then it does. I took one look in the mirror, Damn! I look good. You are one sexxii girl. Just as I finished the doorbell rang. I ran downstairs to see who it was and it was Elijah. "Damn this boy looks so good" I thought to myself.

"Hey Elijah" I said with a smile.

"Hello there beautiful" Elijah said kissing me on the cheek. "you ready?"

"Yea come in let me go grab my stuff" I anaswered back.

I ran upstairs to go grab my phone and purse and sprayed myself about 10 times with purfume. You know a girls got to smell good.

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