Endless Lies

Once Nadia heard the truth about her father she though all the lies would be over. As time went on only the ones close to her constantly kept lying. She couldn't trust anyone.


5. Chapter 5

                Elijah took off Nadia's dress. The kissing started to become hot and heavy. Nadia thought in her head "Could this be it? , Am I about to lose my virginity to this sexy ass man?" She didn't want to stop it. For some reason everything with him felt so right. She really didn't care it felt like she knew him for awhile. The thought of just meeting him 3 hours ago just went through the door. They kept going she was on top of him now. Her hands on his chizzle body. He was enjoying it, she felt him arouse. He was starting to grip her waist harder. She got off of him to catch her breath. She started to unbutton his pants Elijah gave her a smirk "I got it gorgeous." Nadia new exactly where this was going but she wasn't stopping anytime. They went back to doing what they were doing. He pushed her up more on the bed and got on top. She wrapped her legs around him and he crashed his lips into hers and slipped some tongue in.


              It was getting so hot and heavy he just couldn't take it anymore. He thought to hisself "Damn she looks so good." He got off her got his pants from off the floor and went in his right back pocket and took out a condom. Elijah gave her a look and Nadia knew exactly what the look was. She just nodded her head with a sexy smile. He slipped it on and got on top of her again. Kissing her passionately. He slipped right into the warmth between her legs.


                About 30 minutes passed and they were done. They just laid there cuddling. After Nadia just smiled to herself thinking "Did this really just happen?" She closed her eyes tight and opened them really slow and she saw him laying right next to her. "Oh how gorgeous he is" she thought to herself. She got up and decided to get dressed. Elijah got up too and decided to do the same.


"Wait Nadia" Elijah said.


"Yea" she said with a smile on her face.


"Give me your phone so I can text you sometime cutie" he said.


             He put his number in and called his phone so he could save her number as well. They left the room and went back to the party. As she was walking around looking for Liah.  She found her sitting on the couch talking to Daren. They both gave her the look like where the hell have you been?! Nadia grabbed Liah's hand and dragged her to a corner to tell her everything that just happened. Of course she had to tell Liah thats her best friend. Her best friend knows everything about her and she definitely wasn't going to keep this one from her.


"Nay why are you smiling so hard? And where the hell have you been for 2 hours" Liah asked her.


"Girl you know that really sexy guy that took me from the dance floor?" Nadia said.


 "Yeah" Liah said sounding a little confused.


            Nadia whispered "Well girl we were making out for awhile out here then we went into Daren's guest room and made out some more. Things started to get hot and heavy and one thing led to another."


"Nadia Marie Thompson!!!" Liah started yelling. "You guys had sex?!" Liah said in a loud whisper with her eyes open wide.


"What the hell Liah I don't want everyone to know! And yes we did and it was great" Nadia said.


"OH MY GOSH!!!  Nay I can't believe that. He so fine, girl damn " Liah said.


              They both started laughing and walked back to the couch it was now 2am and there were still some people there. People would leave in about 3 hours or so. So why not get everyone hype, everyone was just sitting around and looking bored. Nadia went to the stereo and plugged her ipod in and played her playlist so everyone could dance. She yelled at everyone to get up and start dancing its time to have some fun. She went over to the kitchen and got a cup of vodka and punch. Its time for her so have so more fun for the night and make it absolutely perfect. A night to remember before school started again. As she turned around to leave she bumped into Daren.


"So Nay where have you been this whole time?" he asked giving her a curious look.


"I've been around, hardly haven't seen you." she said. But in the back of her mind she was thinking about Elijah. Daren's her best friend and all but she didn't want to tell him as yet.


"Yea I've been talking to people and hardly haven't hung out with you." Daren. As she was about to tell ask Daren why he wanted her to come over early her phone vibrated. It was her mom checking up on her. She sent a quick text to her mom letting her know she was fine and she would text her when she gets up in the morning. Nadia went back to what she was about to say.


"So Daren why'd you want me to come over before everyone?" Nadia asked.


"No reason really just wanted to um hang out with you alone and catch up before everyone arrived." He said avoiding eye contact with Nadia.


             She knew whenever he avoided making any kind of contact when you asked him a question it was a lie. She decided not to ask him anymore what the real reason is. Maybe he'll tell me when he's ready she thought to herself. She drank the last of her drink and threw her cup in the garbage and went to the dance floor. She grabbed Liah's hand and the started dancing. She was having so much fun. This was the best night she has ever had since summer started and she ended it with a bang.


          It was already 5am and mostly everyone left but the ones spending the night there. She walked up the stairs and bumped into Elijah. She thought he left but smiled when she saw him and he smiled back at her. Oh he was so damn gorgeous she couldn't keep her eyes off him.


"What are you still doing here?" Nadia asked him.


"I'm staying here" he said with a smile.


"Oh are you I'm staying too" she said.


             Nadia thought to herself damn this is such an amazing night. Elijah went back downstairs and told her he'll see her in a minute. She walked into the bathroom to use it and freshen up a little bit. She washed her hands and fixed her hair and everything to make sure it looked alright and reapply lip gloss. She walked out the bathroom and head down stairs to where everyone was. They all stood up watching movies but once everyone passed out she looked up and Elijah was still up. She got up to go sit next to him. They stayed up talking an occasionally kissing.


            Nadia fell asleep on his shoulder.  Everyone woke up at 12 and decided to brush their teeth and get dressed to go out for lunch. Daren had his car and Elijah had his. Elijah asked Nadia to ride with him and Liah, her friend and Layla and Daren's friend John went in his car. They all decided to go to IHop. Her and Elijah talked the whole way there. She was really starting to feel him. He was so attractive and could keep a conversation going and she loved that in a guy. She later on found out that he just moved here this summer and lived two houses down from Daren and he was starting his senior year with them. She couldn't help but smile at that.

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