Endless Lies

Once Nadia heard the truth about her father she though all the lies would be over. As time went on only the ones close to her constantly kept lying. She couldn't trust anyone.


4. Chapter 4

               As Nadia got in the car she says hey to Liah's mom Lexi. Daren only lived 20 minutes away from Nadia's house. When they were in the car Lexi's favorite song sang came on Everyday Birthday by Swizz Beats so she started dancing and swerving on the road. Nadia screamed "Lexi I know this is your favorite song and all but I don't want to die before my senior year, so if you don't mind calm yourself girl." They all laughed, they finally reached Darens house and got out the car. Nadia and Liah got out the car and started walking to Daren's front door. As they reached the door, Daren opened it before they could knock.


           "Hey guys" Daren said letting the girls in.


          "Hey" Nadia and Liah said walking into his house.


          As they girls walked in, Daren shut the door. Nadia and Liah was the 6th person who got there. No one really showed up yet as they walked into the kitchen they saw all the drinks lined up on the counter. Nadia looked at the names of them, it was mostly alcohol ana a few bottles of water and sodas. There was two bottles of vodka, dirty sprite, coconut rum and 2 bottles of hennessy. You could tell Daren got those drinks from his parents bar downstairs.


          Nadia and Liah just sat on the couch waiting for everyone to show up before the party got live. Liah decided to get up and go find Daren. She still wanted to know the reason why Daren wanted her to come early and not bring Liah with her. She found him leaning against the way near the kitchen. She walked up to him and pulled him away.


             "Daren can I talk to you?" Nadia asked.


            "Yea whats up Nay" Daren said. Looking up and down at what shes wearing.


               "Why'd you ask me to come before the party started and said nevermind when I asked if Liah can come too?" Nadia asked.


            "Umm no specific reason.." Daren started to say but he heard his friend Brandon call him. "Sorry Nay well talk later" Daren said.


          "But..." Nadia said ask Daren walked away.


           Nadia thought to herself  "There has to be a reason he asked me to come over alone why can't he just freaking tell me and not lie to my face, whatever I'll just have a good time tonight and not think about this."


            Nadia looked at her phone and it was 9:30 and mostly everyone was there. She walked over to Liah on the couch, "Come on girl lets get some drinks and get this party started!" Nadia yelled in excitement. Liah took two shot glasses and poured vodka in a glass for her and Liah they cheered and bottoms up.  They decided they wanted to take one more so the drank it. The both of them walked over to the where everyone was and started dancing. Having a good time. This kid light skin about 6'3, nice body,gray eyes, muscles and nice lips. Nadia thought to herself "My prays have been answered this kid is gorgeous." He came up to her and took her hand and lead her to a wall. She looked confused thinking to herself, who the hell is this guy. He looked up and down at her licking his lips. He said "Hi I'm Elijah" saying it with a smile on his face. It took a minute before Nadia could speak she tried to open her mouth but no words came out. She took a deep breath and said "Hi I'm Nadia nice to meet you" returning the smile back to him. She said under her breath "He's so gorgeous why the hell is he talking to me?"


           They leaned on the wall talking for awhile, Nadia was still shocked he was talking to her. He was just so gorgeous. She blinked a couple of times to make sure this all wasn't just a dream. She whispered "someone pinch me" , Elijah looked at her confused "What did you say?" She said "oh nothing nothing." Jeez like she couldn't embarrass herself enough. Elijah asked her for a dance, he took Nadia's and led her to the dance floor. A fast upbeat song came on, they started dancing having a good time. He pulled her closer to him, their bodies close pressing up on each other.  Nadia turned  around put her arms around his neck and started making out with him. Elijah pulled away from her took hand and led her to the wall they were recently on. Leaned himself against the wall and pulled her closer to him and continued their making out. Their making out became very intense. Nadia came up for air and led him to the guest bedroom down the call from the living room.  Nadia pushed Elijah on the bed and started to straddle him making out with him. Once again their kissing became real passionate he put his hands in her hair giving her slow passionate kisses. He push her over so he was on top and continued kissing her. Nadia took his shirt off and she couldn't believe what she saw under his shirt. Nice formed muscles and a 6 pack his body was like a goddess. She bit his lip and started moving her hands over his body moving his body closer to hers. Everything felt so right to her she couldn't believe she was in this bed making out with the hottest guy at this party.

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