Endless Lies

Once Nadia heard the truth about her father she though all the lies would be over. As time went on only the ones close to her constantly kept lying. She couldn't trust anyone.


3. Chapter 3

*Friday Morning*


        Nadia woke up at 12 pm, she didn't go to sleep until 4am. She was up all night texting her best friend Liah and her other friend Mark. They were talking about nothing but she wasn't tired so she stayed up. She got out of bed, yawned and stretched and stumbled into her bathroom. She took a quick look at herself and said " Damn I look like shit." Nadia brushed her teeth and washed her face. As she was walking out her bathroom into the closet she heard her phone ringing.  She rang over to it and saw it was Liah calling her. She picked it up.

 "Hey Liah whats up?" Nadia asked.


"Are you still going to Daren's party? Because I'm going"  Liah said.


"Yea we should ride together"  Nadia said.


Liah said "Yea I'll pick you up at 8:45, you then, later girl."


          Nadia hung up the phone and looked for an outfit for tonight. She knew she had to look cute especially if she see Brandon there. Her room was a mess from her throwing everything out her closet so she can figure out what to wear. She tried every combination of clothes on to wee what look cute but sexy. Her final discussion came down to 3 outfits. One was a tight off the shoulder black mini dress with gold emblems on the shoulder. She loved the way it looked on her it showed off her curved. Her second outfit was these cute ripped dark washed jeans and a halter blue belly shirt. The last outfit was an aztec high waisted mini shirt with a tank jean jacket and a black bandu. She laid all 3 of them on the bed. She walked down stairs to get some food. She made herself a sausage,egg and cheese sandwich. After she was done she decided to get herself a glass of orange juice and sit in the living room and watch tv until 6.


             Six o'clock came around and she walked upstairs in her room to go take a shower and wash her hair. Forty-five minutes passed and she was done, she got her towel and dried herself off. She walked to her room with her towel wrapped around her and sat on the seat in front of her mirror and started to do her makeup. She didn't want to put alot looking like a black barbie doll and she knew it was going to be hot. So Nadia decided that she would just put on some get eyeliner and mascara for now. When she decided what outfit she was going to wear she would put on her eyeshadow so it could match. When she was done she walked over to her bed and stood there for a good 5 minutes to decided which one would look good. As she was just staring at them her phone rang and she ran over to it on the bedside, it was Daren.

 She answered, "Hey Daren, what's up?"


"Your coming tonight right?" Daren said.


"Yea" Nadia said.


"Can you come at 8 to help me finish the rest of the things?" He asked her.


"Me and Liah were going to come together, I got to tell her then." She said.

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