Endless Lies

Once Nadia heard the truth about her father she though all the lies would be over. As time went on only the ones close to her constantly kept lying. She couldn't trust anyone.


2. Chapter 2


               She was finally at Liah's house, "damn I can't wait to get my car" she whispered to herself. Liah's house was pretty far from Nadia's it took her about 25 minutes to get there and it felt like forever especially on a hot summer day. It was disgusting and muggy out. She rang Liah's door bell 5 times before Liah finally opened the door saying "hey girl." "What the hell took you so damn long I'm baking out here" Nadia said. Nadia walked in closing the door behind her and took her shoes off showing her way to the living room. "Liah wheres your mom at?" Nadia said to Liah looking out to the kitchen. Nadia loved Liah's mom she was so cool and was like a teenager. Her motto was "you only live once so why not have fun..just don't get caught." Liah told Nadia, "She went shopping with Tasha you know they take forever when their together." Nadia laughed and said "Truuuuuuu, 2 Chainz voice." Liah laughed "you kill me sometimes."


          They sat there and watched movies all day. Liah put in her favorite movie Save the Last Dance. Liah would watch that movie all the time, even though it was kind of old she didn't care. Nadia said to Liah " really Liah again you watch this all the time!" "Shut up Nay you know this is my movie", Liah yelled. All through the movie Liah sat there quoting all the words. Nadia rolled her eyes yelling "Liah oh my god stop saying all the words!"


          Finally the movie was over so they decided to go in the kitchen and find something to eat. As Liah was looking in the fridge Nadia said, "Did you hear about Daren's party Friday night? He said me you, Crystal and Layla can stay over." "Hmm lemme just tell my mom" Liah said. Liah kept looking in her fridge and found nothing to eat so they decided to look at the pizza menu.


"Hey Nay you want me just to get a large pie and some wings?" Liah asked.


                "Yea thats fine" Nadia said. Liah ordered the pizza and they guy said they would be there in 15 minutes. The 15 minutes seems like forever because they were so hungry. As they were waiting they sat on the couch watching tv and talking. Nadia said to Liah "Omg I hope Brandon shows up, he is so cute I wanna dance with him." Nadia just looked into space thinking if Brandon would come it would be perfect. She liked him from the beginning of Junior year. The pizza finally came, they were so hungry they both ate 2 slices each and washed it down with Liah's mom punch. They slouched in the couch full. "Nay I feel like you can roll me over right now" Liah said. Nadia laughed and said " Yea I know girl I feel the same way.


          Nadia finally decided to go home before it got real dark because there's some creep that lives in Liah's neighborhood. She was always so scared to walk alone so she started fast walking. She was close to her house and she saw her moms car in the driveway. As she started walking up her driveway she took her keys out her pocket and unlocked the door. Nadia walked in yelling "Hey mom I'm home!" As she started walking up the stairs she heard her mom yell from the kitchen " Hey Nay you hungry?!" Nadia yelled back "No mom I had pizza at Liah's and now I'm stuffed." She finnally reached her room and fell right on her bed. She thought to herself how could I be so exhausted when I didn't wake up till 2pm today. She got up threw on some shorts and sports bra because it was way too damn hot in her room. After she got dressed Nadia walked into her bathroom wash her face and brush her teeth.

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