Endless Lies

Once Nadia heard the truth about her father she though all the lies would be over. As time went on only the ones close to her constantly kept lying. She couldn't trust anyone.


1. Chapter 1

*Nadia’s POV*


       It's the last week of summer break before my senior year starts. I'm kind of excited for my senior year but then again I really don't want my summer to end just yet. It went by way too quick and I didn't do shit. I can’t believe this is it. I need to find something exciting to do before school. Just have no idea what exactly it is. It's 12pm and I'm still laying in bed. I really don't feel like getting up. Since I have nothing to do today and no one’s home I'm just going to decide what to do.


          I finally decided that I'm going to go on Facebook and see if there’s any parties happening this weekend. You know as a back to school party. As I was scrolling down my newsfeed I saw that my best friend Daren was having a party Friday night. Urg that bastard he didn't even text me to tell me that he was having a party, some friend. I picked up my phone and unlocked it to text Daren,


"Daren! Nice I see you didn't want to invite me to your party -__-."


Five minutes later he finally texted me back saying "I was just bout to text you Nay and tell you bout it. It's at my house 9pm till whenever people get tired & you can prob spend the night."


I replied "Alright I can prob spend the night  let me just double check punk."


          Nadia sent her mom a quick text, "hey mom Daren's have a party Friday night is it ok if I spend the night at his house with Crystal, Liah & Layla?"


Her mom said "yea thats fine just be careful sweetie I love you."


          Nadia lived with her mom, her dad died 5 years ago of lung cancer. He was a heavy smoker Nadia and her mom tried to get him to stop since he smoked for many many years but it never seemed to work. He just wanted to do what he use to and didn't want to change. She remembered when she was 13 and she realized her dad was getting sicker and sicker. She walked over to him one day with watery eyes. "Daddy are you ok you don't look to good" Nadia said sobbing. Her dad said yes hunny " I'm fine daddy's just a  little tired from work today don't worry about me Nay." Four years later she found out he wasn't ok and was diagnosed with lung cancer since she was 12. A couple months later he died. A couple of weeks after the funeral she sat on her bed thinking to herself out loud, "Why did he say he was fine when he really wasn't?", "Why did he lie to me", "Why didn't my mom say something?" Alot of questions was going through Nadia's head, she just wanted them all to be answered. She laid in her bed curled up in a ball crying. She was upset that her father was gone and wasn't coming back, he couldn't see her walk across that stage for graduation, couldn't see her at prom and intimidate her date. Everything she thought about what he was missing on brought more and more tears to her eyes.  She just wanted her father back wishing he was still here to see her grow up some more and for him to help her mother out with some things. But Nadia knew she had to be strong for her mom and help her around the best she can.


        Nadia just laid in bed still. She looked up at her ceiling saying "Damn I really need to get up out this bed." She finally decided to get up. Nadia thought to herself, "lemme text Liah and see what shes doing because I don't feel like staying home." Liah texted her back  "I'm not doing anything I'm bored come on over girl."  Nadia replied "Alright, give me half hour and I'll be over there." She walked in her closet humming, she picked out her favorite pair of jean shorts and a cute halter top. She set her clothes on her bed, grabbed her towel and went to take a shower. She went into her bathroom plugged  in the radio and started dancing and singing and washing her hair. It was annoying washing her hair all the time, she had long tight dark brown curly hair and it was hard to handle. Twenty minutes later she walked out with a towel on her head and started to get dressed. She always did her hair last so she can put moose in it and style it. "Finally done" she sighed, put on her shoes grabbed her phone, locked her door and started walking to Liah's house.

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