Harry Potter's Alternative Life

Harry Potter's life if there was no Jily and Snily were forever...


2. The Sorting

The children walked inside the Great Hall, and a tatty old brown hat sat on a stool. Suddenly, the hat burst into song, introducing itself as 'The Sorting Hat' and informed them on the four houses:

Gryffindor for the bold and brave,

Ravenclaw for  wit and learning,

Slytherin for the cunning and shrew


Hufflepuff for the loyal and just.

Also, on the founders, Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Salazar Slytherin and Helga Hufflepuff.

Soon after the song, a teacher started calling people's names out to put on the hat and be sorted into houses.

"Evans, Lily!" the teacher called out.

Lily glanced at Severus and sat on the stool, placing the hat on her head. The Sorting Hat pondered,and shouted,"SLYTHERIN!!"

Lily grinned and eagerly skipped towards the table full of Slytherins cheering and clapping.

"Snape,Severus!" the teacher announced next and Severus sat on the crickety wooden stool, biting his lip. The hat on his head moved slightly, then screamed, "SLYTHERIN!!". Severus smiled and ran to sit next to Lily.

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