The un-imaginable

I've allways gone by the rule that if you imagine what you want to hard, too muc, it will never happen. So when I asume everything is going to be normal, the un-imaginable happens


1. Introduction

"We're here!!"

I jumped of my bed and jogged down the hall ( I lived in a bungalow) , my best friend was coming over for the weekend, i allways thought how unlucky i was too have a bestfriend that lived an hour away.

"Vicky!!!" i screeched as i opened the door and gave her a huge hug. I heard her mum, Jo, chuckle at us and sqeeze passed and went into the kitchen too greet my mum.

We soon got settled in my room and we eneded up watching greese while sat on the sofa sipping ice tea (although we lived in england it still got pretty hot in July!)

"Do you think all this really happens? Do you think everyone finds it?" Vicky asked, still watching danny and sandy dancing around the merry go round at the end scene.

"What? What, danny zuco? Nah im not sure im gunna find him any time soon!" We giggle it off and we carry on watching as the credits started rolling.

"But seriously ellen?" I considered making anoher joke until i noticed how deep in thought she was, she was normally more a care free laugh-it-off type person.

"I want to say yes, but i dont think everybody finds someone like that- danny and sandy were made for each other. Literally!! But you are amazingly pretty so of course you will find your danny zuco!" We laughed again and went for a 'old movie marathon' but all the way through i couldnt help thinking about what she said. I tried to forget it, if i thought about love too much it wont happen. I eventually forgot and ecepted that my summer was going to be 'average' and 'normal'. But deep down i hoped that i might find my danny zuco! ;)

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