My Real First True Love

Daisy-May is just a normal Directioner, Loves One Direction to death and everything they love. Her mum gets her backstage passes to One Direction and its like the best day of her life, but something unexpected happened. Is it true love, or just getting lucky? Read to find out.


1. The Meeting.

Nariators POV:

You have been a fan of one direction since the very start but have never seen them in person or ever been to one of their concerts, untill one day you mum came home rushing through the door shouting at the top of her lungs for you to come down stairs "Daisy-May get your ass down here right now!" she practically screeched up the stairs. "Oh god... what have i done now..." you whispered to yourself." when you got to the bottom of the stairs you saw your mum stood with some strange red plastic things hidden behind her back. " Mum what have you got behind your back." you mum looked at you with tears forming in her eyes, she knew how much this would mean to you. "Backstage passes princesses." you shouldn't feel your legs and your heart started to race "W-what for m-mum?" your voice shaky. "ONE DIRECTION GIRL!!" Your mum practically screamed at you. You couldnt move, you just froze on the spot " Love are you okay?" your mum asked sounding worried, you leaped into her arms, she only just caught you bearing in mind you are in your late teens now."Your the best mum in the whole word!" she whisper shouted in her ear. She placed you back down on the floor and placed the 2 back stage passes to the One Direction concert in 2 days time. You rang your best friend Hannah and told her she was the one you where taking and where you where taking her. The phone nearly blew up from her screaming, you said goodbye and told her to come over tomorrow to plan outfits, well you wanted to look your best for your fav boy Niall, the cute, funny, blue eyed dream boy from the band.

*The Next Day (Hannah is Over)*

"OH MY GOD DAISY! I cannot believe this is happening! AND TOO US!!" she started to run around the room and jumping on your bed messing it up after you spent ages making it perfect so you coulld see all the boys faces on your duvet cover. " Yeah well its just a shame that Liam has a Girlfriend." you said sounding a little dissapointed for your friend, she loved Liam he had always been her fav but she was completely happy for him as she was for all the boys with girlfriends in fact she even wanted to meet the girls aswell. " OH WELL!! I just hope the girls are there, it would be so amazing if they where there too!" "Yeah i guess so." You where just too wrapped up about meeting Niall, she you were concerntrating really hard on what to wear because you wanted to impress him. Hannah decided to wear her Red One Direction Crop top, short shorts and a red pair of vans. You on the other hand went for your slim fit Take Me Home t-shirt and short shorts but also your red vans because you wanted people to know you where a fandom team. "Well it looks like we are sorted then." You said to Hannah while walking her down the stairs to your front door, you gave her a quick hug and said your good byes and told her to come back tomorrow for a sleep over so you could get up early to get ready together the next day.

*Day Of The Meet And Greet*

"GIRLS!!??" "Yes mum?!" "I need you ready by 11am sharp so i can get you there before 12!" "Okay!!" You and Hannah rush around getting dressed, then appplying your make up then most importantly fixing your hair perfectly, your hair layed in perfect waves. " WOW DAISY! YOU LOOK AMAZING!" Hannah exclaimed " Thanks, you dont look to shabby either!" you said back, she had straightened her hair and then back combed it to keep it out of her face. "Anything for the boys." You are just finishing off your make up when your mum calls for you again "Come on girls time to go!!" OMG HAN THIS IS IT!" "LETS JUST GO!" She shouted running down the stairs, running straight past you mum and into your mums Audi you did the same and your mum just followed casually but you both knew she was excitied too even though it wasnt her that was going to meet ONE DIRECTION!


 After the 10 minute drive to the arena while rocking out to One Direction, "Okay girls, stay safe have and amazing time but most of all dont do anything i wouldnt!!" "Mum we all know your a wild child!" your mum blushing bright red. You say your goodbyes and she drives home. You walk over to where the sercruity guards are standing at a small pair of double doors, you show them your passes and they lead you through to a large dressing room, "The boys will be here any minute, have fun girls." The tall man said to you while walking out of the room and carefully shutting the door behind him. You and Hannah just sit awkwardly on the green three seater sofa that was placed on the left hand side of the room not saying a word to each other. A few minutes passed and the door started to open, your hearts racing, your legs shaking you both stand up as quickly as possible. The boys walk in and introduce themselves one by one giving you both a hug.

*Niall's POV*

Wow i just walked into the room where we are going to be meeting the fans today and wow the girl sat on the left looks amazing, i have to know her name " Hey im Niall, and might you be beautiful?" i asked giving her a cheeky wink, she must have noticed as her cheeks suddenly flushed pink "Daisy-May, but you can call me Daisy." her eyes sparkled as she spoke and that name, wow she was perfect i know ive only just met her but i think ive found my princess. "Thats a lovely name!" i said looking into her eyes she just smiled and "Thank You". After talking for what must have been a good 15 minutes to not make it seem obvious that i was completely falling for Daisy i went and spoke to her friend Hannah i think her name was. We were just chatting about how the tour was so far and i told her about all the crazy things the fans did untill out of the corner of my eye i saw Harry talking to Daisy, he was giving her the 'i want you look' i was not happy with this, im not going to just let her go that easy, "Hey Daisy, come sit over here!" I shouted across the room patting the seat next to me, she got up and started to walk over and the look Harry gave me, wow if looks could kill i would be gone. "Hey Niall, whats up?" She said her face was perfect the way she smiled after she had spoken i was lost for words and just stared her in the eyes untill Liam nudged me out of my trance, "Umm.. Hey Daisy, look i know we just met but i wanted to give you this." I handed her the little piece of paper that i had scribbled my number onto "Wow Niall are you sure.. Im just a crazy fan! Are you not scared im going to stalk you?" she said making me chuckle slightly " I think ill be the crazy stalker." I said winking at her and giving her a cheeky smile again causing her cheeks to flush bright red again. " Okay if your sure." When it was time to go on stage we had all ended up sitting in a sort of triangle and Daisy was sitting on my lap while i was playing with her hair. Then Paul walked in and ruined everything "Come on girls its time you got to your seats and its about time you boys got ready to go on stage!" Daisy and Hannah got up and said their goodbyes, i think the rest of the boys had given them their numbers too because their pockets where full of paper, i gave Hannah a quick hug then gave Daisy a long tight hug then a quick kiss on the cheek, then before anyone could say another word they had gone and we where ready to go on stage, its okay im sure she'll text me later... SHIT! why didnt i get her number! Oh god im so stupid.

*Nariators POV*

"That was amazing i cannot beleive that, that just happened!" you said shouting to your friend over all the screaming fans, " I know, i even got all the boys numbers!!" hannah exclaimed getting a few evil looks from the fans around you. The concert began, the boys all ran out of stage and sang their first song 'Live While we're young' you sang along, or rather screamed alone to the song chanting after they had finish. The night went on and it came for the time to sing little things.

*Niall's POV*

Im going to sing my part to Daisy, i found her in the crowd earlier when we were singing 'still the one' im going to do it, i hope it goes well.

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