My Real First True Love

Daisy-May is just a normal Directioner, Loves One Direction to death and everything they love. Her mum gets her backstage passes to One Direction and its like the best day of her life, but something unexpected happened. Is it true love, or just getting lucky? Read to find out.


4. Love Triangle.

Niall POV:

 Grabbing her hand i pulled her out of the room, i just want the boys to know I'm happy at last, i just hope they feel the same. I walked down the hall way to the room where the boys where, I gripped her delicate hand tightly but not to tight as I never want to hurt her. We arrive at the door to the room the boys are all in, I'm shitting myself my last girlfriend Demi didn't work out and the boys look after me really well, but this time I know that won't happen, I truly love Daisy more than I ever loved Demi and I hope the boys can see that... I just don't want then to give her a hard time. 

Normal POV:

Niall has been stood there just staring at the door for a good 5 minutes now, what was he thinking.."N-Niall...A-Are you having s-sec..ond thoughts?" You stuttered out and his head flew up and his beautiful sky eyes look deep into your own, he took your other hand ready to say something. "Never Daisy! I love you I just don't want the boys to think it will end like it did with Demi!" You knew all about Demi how she cheated on Niall with Justin Bieber, so Niall not only lost his first love but he also lost a good friend and his idol. "Niall you know I would never do that?" "yeah! yeah! I know..just the boys...they will be abit protective and worried." You lent in to kiss him an as you did he started to Lean in closer and both your eyes closed as your lips touched, the kiss was light on your lips until it picked up pace...again, Niall let go of your hands and now rested his large hands on your hips while pushing you against the wall causing you to moan out in pain, he took the opportunity to slid his tough into your mouth, it was a shock but then you smiled into the kiss as did he. Suddenly the door swung open causing you both to jump apart, "wow! Guys I'm This is just go back in..." Harry said slowly clearly shocked at what he had saw, he walked into the room closing the door behind him causing you and Niall to break out in laughter resulting in you having to lean on niall for support needing to catch your breath.  

Harry's POV:

I walked out of the room to go for a piss and I find Niall and Daisy making out... Up against a wall!! Can't believe she picked him, I know I have a rep for being the ladies man but she was different... I mean she was more down to earth than any girl I've ever met, I have to get her to love me, not Niall,  I have to win her. I must have been making weird thinking faces because Louis looked at me all confused with his eyebrows furrowed, "what's up Harry? Though you was going for a wiz?!" " Nahh, Niall and Daisy are playing ton-cell tennis out there." Louis was about to say something when he stopped in his tracks blinking his eyes hard, "NIALL AND DAISY!" Hannah exclaimed, she was having a total fangirl Moment, usually I'm used to it but right now I'm not in the mood. My thoughts where interrupted when Niall and Daisy walked in, Niall's arm was wrapped around Daisy's waist and Daisy walked in with her head held low twiddling with her fingers and her hair as Niall guided her over to where me and the boys where sitting.

Normal POV:

You walked into the room feeling really awkward after Harry walking out and finding you and Niall making out. "Hey guys!" Niall shouted while tightening his grip on your waist, " we'll I'm sure you all know daisy.." Harry starts to look flustered when you looked up for the first time, 
" what's your point!?!" Harry snapped, what is wrong with him? I mean yeah he walked out on us kissing but we haven't done anything wrong? It's not like we are cheating on anyone or anything! The thoughts ran around your head until Niall spoke again, he started to sweat and looked nervous so you decided to put your arm also around his waist which he noticed as he lent down and kissed the top of your head. Louis was smiling brightly as usual, "Ah! I got it! You guys are together?!" "Yes! Yes we are! Not a full on relationship yet, we need to get to know each other but the love is there!" Zayn finally appeared from one of the little private rooms that where inside the lounge room that you where all in, he stormed in looking like he had something really important to say, "Niall James Horan, that is the cheesiest thin I've ever heard in my life!" You said from across the room, he then walked over to Niall holding his hand out for Niall to shake, "I'm proud of you." You said shaking Niall's hand and winking at you both. All the boys came and gave you a hug and congratulate you both except for Harry who sat in his own with Hannah sat in the other end feeling a little list at everything that was happening. Something was wrong with Harry, you had to find out what.

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