My Real First True Love

Daisy-May is just a normal Directioner, Loves One Direction to death and everything they love. Her mum gets her backstage passes to One Direction and its like the best day of her life, but something unexpected happened. Is it true love, or just getting lucky? Read to find out.


3. I Love You.

Niall's POV:

I walked into the room and there she was, her hair sat perfectly over her shoulders, her light makeup making her eyes stand out ever more than they would naturally, she was perfect  even when I imagined her without makeup she was still perfect. I walked up to her pulling her off the sofa and into my arms, "I have something that I need to tell you." Her head was buried into my chest causing butterflies to form in my stomach, she lifted her head and looked into my eyes the look on her face was full of confusion, "w-what about?" She stuttered out he started to look nervous and it broke my heart to see her scared, "come on let's go to the lock down room and ill tell you there, but don't be nervous!" "O-okay." I felt so horrible for making we feel that way, like I was scaring her, I held her hand and walked away from her friend and led her by the hand to the lock down room, I opened the door slowly just to check if anyone was in there but it was all clear. I walked her over to the sofa and shut the door quietly behind me then sat close to her on the sofa resting my hand jut above her knee to comfort her. "Daisy.. I-I know we've only just met, b-but I really like you...(silence)..." No! I exclaimed "i mean no I love you Daisy." She sat there staring into my eyes her mouth wide open in shock, my heart was pounding from the nerves I know it's alot to take in but I wish she would just say something. "D-Dasiy are y-" I was cut off mid sentence by Daisy lips hitting mine hard and quick, I was shocked at first but then just kissed back.

Narrators POV:

"What am I doing, Im kissing Niall Horan, oh god he's not kissi- wait he is he is kissing back." You thought to yourself you had just lunged at Niall after he told that he loved you, obviously you loved him because I mean come on who doesn't! The kiss continued Niall's hands running up and down your back lowly while the kiss became more heated, he pushed you down on the sofa continuing the kiss as he was hovered over you. "Wait what is happening! I'm a virgin, I can't do it after one kiss which Niall Horan." You thought to yourself starting to get uncomfortable with the situation, you knew that he was jut telling you he loved you to get your pants because he was the most innocent in the band but you had to stop it from happening right now. "Niall.....please....stop." You mumbled through the kiss and niall stopped kissing you, both your breathing heavy niall was still hovered over you, his forehead resting your own. "I'm sorry Daisy, I-I just got carried away." He said quietly between breaths. You had to admit It was the was the best kiss ever but your not the type of girl to just loose your virginity on a sofa. " it's fine Niall, it's just I've only just met you and I'm not that type of girl." "I'm glad your not." He said leaning down and kissing your forehead gently.

Niall's POV: 

Wow that was amazing! But u didn't mean for it to go that far, what was I thinking...well I know what I was thinking but it's not fair to, I've only just met her. It's fine though I'm sure she knows I'm not that. "So does this mean you feel the same way?" I said while we both sat back up. " of course I do." She said with a twinkle in her eye, those words will stay with me forever. I didn't know what we had though, where we friends, or was she my girlfriend... Ill just ask, "So Daisy...umm.... Would you um... Be my girl friend?" Asked stuttering my words slightly I was so nervous of what she would say. " OH MY GOD YES!" She jumped up screaming, then stopped dead and face palmed herself. "I-I mean of course, I would love to be your girlfriend Niall." I laughed to myself after her fangirl moment it was so cute, she was so cute. I stood up wrapping my arms around her waist and kissing her sweetly, "Thank you." I whispered into her ear causing  her to shiver. Now all we had to do was tell the boys....and the fans.

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