My Real First True Love

Daisy-May is just a normal Directioner, Loves One Direction to death and everything they love. Her mum gets her backstage passes to One Direction and its like the best day of her life, but something unexpected happened. Is it true love, or just getting lucky? Read to find out.


2. Falling For You.

Niall's POV:

"You'll never love your self half as much as I love you and you'll never treat yourself right darling but I want you to, if I let you know ow I'm here,for you. Maybe you'll love yourself like I love love you ohhh!!" I sang to her looking her right in the eyes and every now and again pointing at her, I think she must have noticed because I caught her blushing a few times, the dim lights making  her eyes sparkle, wow she is beautiful I cannot believe this, ill text her at the next break, oh shit wait I don't have her number... Maybe one of the boys do, I hope so! 

Narrators POV:

Niall had just say to you, you could not believe what was happening you didn't even expect it to happen to anyone let alone you. After he had finished his part he looked like he was thinking about something, and now his face looks disappointed, "oh gosh what if he is regretting it." you thought to yourself the huge smile falling from your face. Niall had noticed and given you a quick wink an your heart started to Race, he tried to mouth something to you but you couldn't make it outdo you shook your head and point to your ear and Niall made a pouty face at you. The concert went on and Niall would keep giving you quick looks ever now and again. Wow he was just perfect, you have no confidence in yourself and can't bring yourself to believe that he is actually really into you. The show finished and Paul came over to you. "Girls you still have access to the lounge with the boys if you like, Niall asked me I get you." You both nodded enthusiastically and followed Paul back to the boys dressing rooms, but Paul likes to call it the lounge, and say where you once where before this morning when you first met the boys.

Niall's POV:

Paul had just told me that he had gotten Daisy and  Hannah to come back to our main dressing room, thank god he got her before she walked out, I jut wanted to talk to Daisy but I want to make a good impression so I thought to invite her back stage too. I'm so nervous all of the boys have been teasing me ever since I sang to Daisy during the show. Louis:"aww our little Niall has a girl! Harry: "she isn't his girl yet!" Harry snapped. Louis: "wow calm down mate! What's up with you!?" Liam: " yeah you've been really off today?" Harry: " It doesn't matter! Lets just go see the girls." All: " okay." We all walked to the dressing room Harry and Zayn falling behind whispering about something, but right now I don't care I'm going to tell Daisy how I feel, louis turns the door handle on the dressing room door, "we'll here goes nothing" I said to maybe self.

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